Three… two… one… take off for dental treatment in Hungary

At Access Smile, our aim is to make sure that getting your dental treatment in Hungary is as smooth, if not smoother, that it would be getting it at a local clinic. We can facilitate dental treatment that is substantially cheaper than it would be at a private clinic in the UK and Ireland.

Dental Treatment in HungaryThe stage of dental treatment in Hungary with Access Smile are as follows:

  • Contact us for a quote – whether you have a single treatment in mind or are looking for more of a general makeover, we can help. You will have a consultation either at our Dublin clinic, via a remote method or, for more complex cases, after a visit to Budapest
  • Review your quote and ask any questions – our friendly, experienced and English-speaking staff are always on hand to help
  • Book your treatment – we can arrange dates to suit you. You may wish to organise your own flights and hotel, or we can do that for you
  • Take your trip – some people choose to add days before and/or after their trip to enjoy some of the delights of Hungary. When it comes to your treatment, you will work with highly-qualified dentists and be fully aware of everything that will happen before you arrive. We can arrange transfers for you to help with travel if you prefer
  • Book your aftercare – you can find an Access Smile approved clinic near you to get your work checked every six months. We will send you reminders to help you do this. If you have any issues, we can address these immediately and we offer guarantees on the work completed through our clinics.

This is a brief outline of the journey that our patients take. We can personalise it to meet your needs when you contact Access Smile. We pay attention to the details.

We understand where the potential stress points are for patients when they are considering dental treatment in Hungary. This means we can avoid them completely. It also means we can provide you with answers to any of your concerns and allay worries that you may not have even thought of. This is all part of our exemplary customer service standards.

Give dental treatment abroad a go

So, you got your treatment plan through from your dentist and you almost fell off your chair when you saw the prices. Who knew that dentistry could cost so much? Well, it might cost an arm and a leg in the UK and Eire, but you can get equally high-quality treatment with just the same excellent brands at our dental clinic in Budapest when you choose to get your dental treatment abroad with us at Access Smile.

Dental Treatment AbroadCosts can really start to add up when you get anything much more than the odd filling at dental clinics in the UK and Eire. If you need to have inlays, onlays, crowns, or dental implants, then it is worth investigating dental treatment abroad.

If you would like to find out what we can do for you at Access Smile, it’s easy to find out.

Your treatment journey

Firstly, you need to send us a panoramic x-ray of your smile. We can take a look at it and if we think we can be of service, we will get you to come in for a consultation, either at our clinic in Dublin, or our clinic in London.

All our dentists speak fluent English and will be able to give you a detailed treatment plan along with costs. Once you have that, you can decide whether or not to go ahead with treatment. If you need to have preparatory work done first, we can do this at home before you fly.

We can answer all your queries on our 24-hour helpline before you go. We can also find you the ideal accommodation for you. We have a list of places to stay that we have been developing for the last 13 years we have been in business.

Once you arrive in Budapest, we will pick you up from the airport and drive you to your accommodation. We will also drive you to and from the dental clinic so that you never have to worry about negotiating the transport system here.

Once your treatment is complete, you will have aftercare and check-ups at our clinics back home. We take the worry out of dental treatment abroad. Give us a go!

Reputation is everything

So, you finally plucked up your courage to get your teeth looked at. You know you should not have left it so long, but you’ve never been too keen on the dentist. Now, like Pam Ayers, you wish you’d looked after your teeth, but it’s too late for regrets and it looks like it’s too late for a new smile too, because, what with the mortgage and the kids, you can’t afford the prices your dentist is quoting. You’d go for dental treatment overseas if only you trusted they’d do a good job and you wouldn’t get ripped off.

Dental Treatment OverseasAnd you can, as long as you go with a reputable dental practice that has dentists registered at home as well as abroad, and a full treatment package that guarantees not to land you with sudden extras that put costs sky high. At Access Smile, we have been building a solid reputation for high quality dental treatment overseas and reliable customer service for more than 12 years.

What you get with our dental treatment overseas

  • An assessment from a registered dentist in our Dublin or London clinics
  • Detailed information about your proposed treatment before you go
  • Guaranteed prices for your detailed treatment proposal
  • A 24-hour hotline staffed by fluent English speakers
  • A list of places to stay, all vetted and used by us for years now
  • Airport transfers to your accommodation
  • Drivers to take you to and from your treatment
  • Highly trained dentists and dental nurses
  • Dental staff who speak fluent English
  • The same high-quality treatment you would get in the UK or Eire
  • Great aftercare when you get back home.

At Access Smile, we understand that getting dental treatment overseas is a big step, especially when you come to Hungary, where you won’t be able to speak the native language. We are here to help you every step of the way. Our reputation as a high-quality provider of dental treatment overseas is based on the testimony of patients going back more than a decade, and we want to add your great review to the list.

Give us a call, or send us a panoramic x-ray of your teeth so that we can see if we can help you.

Seeking dental treatment in Hungary?

Are you one of the many people in the UK and Eire who need to have dental work done but can’t afford the prices your dentist is quoting you? Austerity continues to bite and that means prices for everything, including dentistry, increase while wages stay the same, or go down in real terms. What are you going to do? Just not have the treatment and watch your oral health decline? What about going and having your dental treatment in Hungary?

Dental Treatment in HungaryNot as scary as it seems

Going for dental treatment in Hungary can seem so daunting a prospect that you may not even bother to investigate how to go about it. After all, what do you know about Hungary except that you can’t speak the language? Do you know that dentists in Hungary are just as well trained as dentists in the UK and their surgeries and equipment as just as good? Well, you can rest assured that you will receive top-class treatment when you book your dental treatment in Hungary with us at Access Smile.

We have thought of everything

When you come to us for dental treatment, you will find that we have thought of everything to make your experience with us as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Worried that you won’t have a come back if treatment goes wrong in some way? Well don’t be, our dentists are registered with the appropriate professional bodies both in Hungary and in Ireland.

Worried we will misdiagnose your problems? We won’t. First you send us a panoramic x-ray and then, if we think we can help you, you come to either our London or our Dublin clinics for a consultation with one of our dentists.

Worried you will have a nasty surprise when it comes to pricing when you get to Budapest? Well, set your mind at ease, we give you full and detailed treatment plans and costs before you agree to go.

Worried about accommodation and getting around? We will pick you up from the airport and take you to and from your recommended hotel to the clinic.

And when you get home, you can come back to our clinics here for aftercare.

Is it a good idea to go for dental treatment abroad?

More and more, people are seeking out ways to save money on big expenditures, and one way they are doing so is by going for dental treatment abroad. But is this really a good idea?

Well, it depends who you chose to go to, just like with anything. Caveat emptor, or buyer beware must be your motto. It pays to look for a longstanding dental clinic with strong ties to the UK and guarantees that they live up to.

Dental Treatment AbroadAt Access Smile, we like to think that after offering dental treatment abroad, in Budapest, to patients in the UK and Eire, that we have got the formula right, and have built a solid reputation for a high-quality and reliable service, before you go, when you get your treatment and after you come home again.

Having a comeback

Dentists in the UK and Eire have to be registered with the national dental association in order to legally practise. They do in Hungary as well. All our dentists are registered with their national association, and the ones that practise in London or Eire are also registered there too. This means that if you do have a complaint, you have someone to go to in order to pursue it.

Knowing what you pay

Some unscrupulous dental practices lure dental tourists by offering super-cheap prices for treatment and then piling on high hidden extra costs when the patient is at the clinic abroad and has no other option but to pay up. When you choose Access Smile for your dental treatment abroad, you get a written treatment plan with a detailed costing up front, the prices are guaranteed so you won’t have to pay more than you have already been told.

Understanding what’s going on

Everyone who works for Access Smile speaks fluent English. You will never have that horrible feeling of not knowing what people are saying when you are being treated.

Getting around

Getting lost in a foreign city when you have appointments to get to is another horrible feeling. That’s why we pick you up at the airport and take you to and from your appointments to your accommodation.

Does getting dental treatment abroad sound daunting? Let us reassure you

When you go for dental treatment overseas you pay a lower price for high quality dental work, products and services. Our Access Smile team in Budapest offer quality facilities and dental work; their services are among the best you will find in Europe. Our team in Hungary aim to provide you with a safe, relaxed and caring environment. They are passionate about giving you a high standard of dental treatment overseas. You can enjoy a wide range of dental treatments at Access Smile in Budapest, including tooth restorations, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implants.

Dental Treatment OverseasWhat is the process like?

When you decide to go ahead with treatment at our Access Smile clinic in Budapest, we will be with you every step of the way.

Step 1: Quote and treatment plan

You will get a full quote in English and a detailed plan of the different treatment options you can choose from. If you have had a quote from another dentist we can use this information to build you a quote with our Budapest clinic. We can also provide you with a quote if you send us a panoramic x–ray.

Step 2: Choose your options

The treatment plan and quotation you receive will include all of the options available to you at our Budapest clinic. Often, there are different ways to help you achieve your new smile and you will need to decide which treatment to go for. Don’t worry, we can help you to choose the right plan.

Step 3: Confirm your treatment and plan your travel

Our team will help you arrange flights and accommodation. We will even arrange for one of our representatives to drive you between the airport or the clinic and your accommodation in Budapest, so you won’t need to worry about getting to and from appointments or finding your accommodation.

Our team in Budapest is helping people achieve healthy, good-looking smiles, and often new confidence in their lives. Their high-quality brands and products come at a fraction of the price of our UK equivalents. Why not find out how we can help you to achieve a better smile with dental treatment overseas in our Budapest clinic?

The perks of going to Hungary for dental work

We’ve all heard the stories about going abroad for dental treatment. Low prices can be enticing, especially when people need extensive work done. In fact, going abroad for dental work seems like a no brainer when you consider price as the only factor, but, what about all the other details? We’re not talking about small details here either, things like:

  • Do the dentists abroad speak English?
  • What about the after care?
  • What is the quality of products and treatment like?
  • Will I find a reliable dentist abroad?
  • Where will I stay?

Dental Treatment in HungaryThis is where Access Smile can help. Not only do we have a practice in Dublin, we also have one in Hungary. You can have dental treatment in Hungary knowing you are in safe hands.

What are the benefits of dental treatment in Hungary?

Quality you can trust

We make choosing dental treatment in Hungary safe, relaxed and easy for you. You don’t need to guess which clinic to go to abroad because we know that our highly trained staff in Budapest, Hungary will offer you a reliable service at our well equipped clinic. You can rest assured that the quality of your treatment will never be substandard as our dentists must adhere to the strict rules of the General Dental Council, the Irish Dental Council and the Hungarian Dental Council. This includes cross-contamination rules to keep you safe from harm.

Price and guaranteed dental work

The price of dental treatment in Hungary is lower. Your treatment will come with a full guarantee. It is unlikely that anything will go wrong, but just in case, you are covered to have things fixed at no extra cost.

Communication and travel

Our staff in Budapest speak English so you can always feel at ease. Your paperwork will also be in English, including your initial quote treatment plan. We have a 24-hour phone line you can call for help with any aspect of your stay or treatment in Budapest. Our staff will help arrange your accommodation, travel, and transfers between the airport, your accommodation and all your clinic appointments.

Get in touch

Find out how we can help you, call us today.

We offer high quality aftercare and careful planning for dental treatment abroad

The absence of good quality aftercare puts many people off going ahead with dental treatment abroad. Just imagine the stress and costs involved in having to revisit a dentist abroad if something goes wrong. This is where Access Smile is different to other companies offering dental treatment abroad. We own and manage our Budapest clinic, so we can make sure your treatment runs smoothly from beginning to end. This includes your travel and accommodation details, and high-quality aftercare.

Dental Treatment AbroadWhat does Access Smile aftercare include?

When you visit our Budapest clinic for dental treatment abroad, and, in the unlikely event that anything should go wrong, we can put everything right at no extra cost. Our guarantee not only includes any work required to treat any reaction, it also covers your flights and accommodation. You will not need to pay a penny more for additional treatment. We even offer root canal treatments in our guarantee; most dental clinics would charge extra if a problem with your treatment resulted in you needing a root canal treatment. In this rare situation, Access Smile will give you the required root canal treatment free of charge up to six weeks after you your initial treatment.

Quality is our goal

The level of aftercare offered at Access Smile is very high. The materials, products and techniques we use in Budapest are similar to what you would find in expensive private clinics in the UK, but they all come at a fraction of the price. Be assured, your treatment will never be substandard as our dentists must adhere to the strict rules of the General Dental Council, the Irish Dental Council and the Hungarian Dental Council. This includes cross-contamination rules to keep you safe from harm.

Talk to us

We understand that considering dental treatment abroad is a big thing, so we are here to help you each step of the way. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have, before or after your treatment. We will also help you to plan your accommodation, flights and transfers, no details will be missed. Let our team help you to get the smile you have been longing for.

Quality, affordable dental care

At Access Smile, we’ve been providing access to high-quality dental treatment overseas for over 12 years. We offer cosmetic and restorative treatments that will improve your teeth in a reassuring environment. Our efficient and reliable processes look after you every step of the way. We include an in-house aftercare service at no extra cost, and all of our treatment is based on detailed assessments of your particular dental needs.

Dental Treatment OverseasReliability and reassurance

We’ll take a good look at your teeth and listen to your thoughts on improving them. Then we’ll give you a detailed breakdown of exactly how much your dental treatment overseas will cost. You can then make an informed choice about how to proceed with your dental health work.

We always use dental professionals who speak fluent English. This means that if you have any questions during your dental treatment overseas, our friendly team can answer them properly. We look after your peace of mind as well as your dental health.

We can sort out your transfers and hotels so that your travel is speedy and smooth. Once you’ve returned to your home country, with your newly-improved teeth, you’ll have access to our aftercare services. Should you need any minor follow-up work, we’ll provide it for no extra cost at one of our in-house locations.


Our commitment to high-quality dental care and transparent procedures has made us a dependable provider of dental treatment overseas. With us, you won’t be worried about some of the potential risks of traveling for dental work, such as:

  • Unexpected jumps in the cost of your treatment, which you’re only presented with when you reach the dental practice;
  • Inadequate assessment of your teeth during the first consultation;
  • Lack of proper aftercare, which can lead to further expense.

Because we make dental treatment overseas affordable and reliable, you can access much-needed solutions at the time you need them. Many of our patients choose important restorative work like crowns and fillings. You might want to have cosmetic treatment to boost your aesthetic appeal. All of our work aims to give you a better dental future with a reduced financial impact.

Reliable overseas dental care

At Access Smile, we make dental treatment in Hungary an affordable and reliable process. Having built up our procedures over 12 years, we’re able to offer high-quality oral health care with smooth transport links to trusted dental professionals. Using our services, you’ll avoid the potential risks and worries that are a real hazard in other forms of dental tourism and can end up costing you more.

Dental Treatment in HungarySmooth and stable

All of your dental treatment in Hungary will be delivered by teams of dental professionals who are fluent in English. You’ll be kept informed every step of the way, and there’ll always be someone on hand to answer any queries you may have about your treatment.

Things begin with an assessment of your dental needs. We provide a detailed costs breakdown before you travel, which shows all of the expenses of your treatment. It’s important to us that you’re kept informed of every detail of your dental treatment in Hungary.

We offer transfers between the airport and one of our trusted accommodation providers to ensure you keep traveling smoothly towards your high-quality dental care.

Once your treatment is completed and you’re back at home, you can always rely on our in-house aftercare services if you require any adjustments.


Our robust and open processes make our dental treatment in Hungary a reassuring experience. You won’t be subject to some of the more common snags involved in other kinds of dental tourism, such as:

  • Hidden costs that you’re only told about when you arrive at your destination, leaving you in an awkward and potentially costly position;
  • Sloppy quoting, which doesn’t take into account your particular dental needs;
  • Poor aftercare that requires you to pay again.

Since we’ve been providing dental treatment in Hungary for so long, we’ve developed a reliable range of dental health solutions. Many people have taken advantage of our restorative treatments. Cosmetic work is a big part of our business, too. Smile design is an aspect of dental treatment in Hungary that could make a big difference to your overall appearance. We even offer dental implants, to replace any teeth you may have lost.