Accessible quality dental care

Our business is to provide affordable, quality dental treatment overseas. At Access Smile, we’ve been offering a range of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments for over 12 years. Our friendly, English-speaking dental teams will improve your oral health and dental appearance in the reassuring surroundings of a modern dental practice. You can rely on our travel and accommodation to provide efficiency and comfort in your destination country. When you return, any aftercare you might require will not cost you any extra, and it’ll be given at one of our in-house locations.

Dental Treatment OverseasDetails

The first thing we do is listen to you about how you’d like to improve your dental health. We examine your teeth and then produce a detailed cost breakdown. Before it begins, you’ll always know the final price of your dental treatment overseas.

Our teams of experienced dental professionals speak fluent English, so while your dental treatment overseas is happening, they can answer any questions that might occur to you. We always aim to make you comfortable.

Travel to your destination is straightforward and speedy. We arrange all your tickets and hotels, plus the connections between airport and accommodation. When you get back home with your enhanced teeth, any necessary follow-up treatment at our in-house locations will not cost you a penny extra.

Depend on us

We’ve been providing access to dental treatment overseas for more than 12 years. Our reliable and affordable processes help you to get the dental health improvements you need at the time you need them. Our trusted procedures avoid some common pitfalls of dental tourism, such as:

  • Surprising increases in the price of your treatment, which you’re only told about when it’s too late to change your mind
  • Insufficiently detailed assessment of your dental condition
  • Poor finishes and non-existent or expensive aftercare.

You might be seeking dental treatment overseas for fillings or crowns. We also offer cosmetic work that will significantly enhance your dental appearance. If you’re missing any teeth, we can give you dental implants. These long-term replacements integrate with your jawbone and provide all the function of a natural tooth. Talk to us today about how we can brighten up your dental future.