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Why you’re in safe hands at our Budapest dental practice

Damaging your teeth may seem like a nightmare scenario, but all is not lost, help is at hand as our talented team can help solve your dental troubles. Unfortunately some people can still be a little hesitant to undergo dental treatments abroad and it’s understandable, with new places, new sights and cultures, it can be a little daunting.


So with that in mind, here is why you’re in safe hands at our Budapest dental practice.

Cutting edge technology

Our clinic uses state-of-the-art technology to perform a wide range of treatments to suit a variety of needs. Whether that’s an X-ray to assess any damage from an accident such as a trip or fall, an emergency filling or a complete redesign of your smile, our dental technology is up to scratch in our Budapest dental practice.

Experienced with tourists

We have over 12 years of experience with tourists and those coming abroad for specific treatments. Through this we have been able to gather insight into what our patients tend to expect from their visit and how we can meet or even exceed those expectations when they engage us for their procedures.

At Access Smile our team are all fluent in English and we ensure that they are all trained to the highest industry standards to provide you with a professional dental experience. So don’t worry if your Hungarian is a little rusty or you’re unsure which dialect to use, as our team will still be able to communicate with you easily.

 Wide array of treatments

We offer a wide range of treatments to suit a lot of different needs. Whether that’s an emergency repair with implants, veneers or crowns, a replacement filling or an overlay to improve any decayed teeth, there are plenty of procedures for our patients to request.

Our aftercare guarantee

In the unlikely event that something happens, our team will provide you with the highest quality of aftercare at no extra cost, to remedy any unexpected issues that may crop up. In more serious cases, we can also help you to arrange a return trip to our clinics abroad for further treatment and help.

Written testimonials from patients

Nothing speaks more about reputation than recommendation by word of mouth, that’s why we have provided a list of written testimonials from patients after their treatments, as well as short video reviews for anyone considering booking an appointment. There are also case studies with photographic examples to show how we can fix your various dental woes.

Practices located in Hungary and Ireland

Whether you are opting to explore Eastern Europe or investigating the sights of the ‘Emerald Isle’, you can relax knowing that our practices in Budapest and Dublin are there to help should you have any dental issues to sort out at the same time.

So as you can see, whether you are having a treatment at our Dublin practice or at our Budapest branch, you are always in safe hands with our team at Access Smile.

Saving that holiday smile with dental implants abroad

Taking a trip abroad is supposed to be a time of relaxation and an escape from your normal routine, but unfortunately sometimes accidents happen and you may find yourself requiring the aid of a dentist to save that holiday smile. Here’s how our practice can restore those pearly whites with prosthetics for patients looking for dental implants abroad as a solution to their problem.

What are implants?


For those looking for dental implants abroad who are not overly familiar with the practice, it involves the insertion of a prosthetic tooth into your gum line. We use this as a method of replacing cracked, broken or badly infected teeth with a more aesthetically pleasing replacement, to give you a more healthy looking smile. It’s also used as a way to fill in any gaps you may have in your gum line and to strengthen your remaining teeth.

The implants are small, porcelain teeth that are shaped and shaded to match your other teeth, this is done to allow them to blend in, to provide a natural looking repair. The implants are fitted below your gum line and into your jawbone with a sterilised screw made from titanium. Over time the bone should heal over this screw to provide your new tooth with a solid base to rest on.

Is the procedure safe?

The process of fitting a dental implant is incredibly safe. This type of treatment has been around for a very long time and it’s a pretty common way to replace damaged or lost teeth in a relatively short time.

At Access Smile our highly trained team provide a warm, safe and welcoming environment for all our patients as we help you fix any tooth troubles. But if  you still have any concerns, then just have a chat with our team.

Is the procedure painful?

A fairly common question put to our team is whether a patient’s upcoming treatment is going to be painful. The process of implanting a new tooth into your gum line may involve some discomfort as we use some very minor surgery to insert the new prosthetic.

However, our team will normally use a local anaesthetic on the area being treated, to limit any feelings of discomfort as much as they possibly can. 

Keeping the implant clean

After we insert your new tooth your biggest priority should be on keeping it clean and healthy looking. Lack of cleaning and proper care can lead to the implant site becoming inflamed and infected, which could lead to the surrounding gums or other teeth being at risk as well.

To keep your new tooth looking clean, we recommend that you lightly brush it at least once a day. Flossing is still allowed, but be careful how you pull it through or around the new tooth, as you may damage or dislodge it. Avoid mouthwash for a while as the chemicals in some brands can irritate your gums and slow down the healing process.

So if you have cracked or damaged your teeth, don’t worry as our talented staff can help restore your smile before you head back home. Many people look to implants abroad to combine treatment with a holiday. For further information or to schedule your own appointment, just get in touch with our team at the practice.

What are my options for dental treatment in Hungary?

Budapest is a city of culture, history and friendly residents that are always welcoming, but should the nightmare scenario happen where you damage your teeth on your holiday, there are places you can turn to for dental treatment in Hungary. Alternatively you may decide to plan your holiday to include dental treatment in Hungary from the beginning.

dental-treatments-hungaryHere is a short list of solutions that we can provide when you come to see our Budapest dentist.

Dental implants

First up on our list of your options for dental treatment in Hungary we have dental implants. This treatment uses a false ceramic tooth inserted into your jawbone beneath your gum line attached to a titanium screw, to provide a sturdy and natural looking replacement to any troublesome tooth or gaps caused if one is knocked out.

The new teeth are held in place with a sterilised titanium screw and over time the bone in your jaw should heal back over this to create a sturdy base for it to rest on. All our implants are shaded and shaped to match your surrounding teeth so any replacement we insert is going to blend right in.


In the event of a chip or crack occurring whilst you’re out and about seeing the sights of the city, our team can rush to the rescue with our veneers. Using porcelain chips that we place over your teeth we’re able to cover, repair and strengthen these damaged parts.

At Access Smile our team will take you through the fitting process in a professional and timely manner to let you get back to enjoying the rest of your holiday uninterrupted.


In the event that you bite into some hard Kolbas and crack the top of your teeth or too much of the cottage cheese chocolate causes cavities to form, our team can use crowns to sort you out. These are ceramic covers that we place over the top of your teeth, to cover damage with a sturdy seal or protect a tooth from decaying further after we clean out any cavities.

Inlays and overlays

Similar to veneers, these are ceramic chips that are moulded to match specific parts of your teeth that may have cavities forming on them. This treatment actually involves two separate types of insert and typically they are used as a combination to cover an entire tooth.

To elaborate slightly, inlays are smaller and are primarily used in the tighter bite areas of your mouth. Whilst the overlays are used to cover a wider and more general area of the tooth to ensure that a solid seal is formed around your tooth to keep it healthy for the rest of your trip.

But there’s not just Budapest Dental in Budapest to help patients with their dental problems, Ireland is also covered by our team as we have branches that you can easily get in contact with on our website. We provide a Hungarian Dentist Cork branch and a Hungarian Dentist Dublin clinic for our patients. So don’t let your tooth woes spoil your trip, get in touch with our team as soon as you can.

Prioritise your smile with dental implants abroad

If you are considering the possibility of travelling overseas for dental procedures, you would not be the first. Internationally, people are globetrotting for life-changing oral health treatments that are too costly in their home countries.

dental-implants-abroadBut for all the positive stories you hear, not everyone has a happy ending. Avoid becoming the unfortunate victim of a scam, botched dental work, or being tricked into paying bills that far exceed the figure you received before starting treatment.

Who are we and why we are different?

We are Access Smile, a dental conglomerate with clinics located in Dublin and Budapest. We understand that major dental surgery is unaffordable for most people, which is why we strongly advocate dental tourism.

What treatments are provided with dental tourism?

You may not need to travel to foreign countries for a general check-up, but dental implants abroad are an attractive option for two reasons. Not only is a costly yet life-changing surgical procedure made possible, but you are granted the opportunity of exploring somewhere new, all without spending your life savings as treatment and vacation are rolled in one.

Will I have to arrange everything myself?

The thought of having to arrange consultations while booking accommodation and flights is stressful, which is why we make the process easier by overseeing everything for you.

How do I arrange dental implants abroad with your practice?

You will first have to visit our Hungarian dentist in Dublin for an initial consultation – this meeting includes a close examination of your mouth to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for tooth implants.

After that, if you have reasonably healthy gums and bone, we will liaise with our associates who are based in Hungary.

Can Access Smiles be described as a dental agency?

No. We might do everything a dental agency or broker would, but we own both of our practices, both locally and abroad.

We also offer comprehensive aftercare, which can include follow-ups should there be any complications, many brokers do not provide this. If anything goes wrong, using an independent broker could be disadvantageous.

Can I expect high-quality dental implants abroad?

You will be the recipient of superb quality dental implants, regardless of whether you receive treatment in Dublin or Budapest.

We are proud of our unsurpassed standards of services, our team of trained and highly capable dentists, not to mention our up-to-date equipment, tools, and technology.

You do not have to compromise on quality because you are paying less. It is important to remember that we set our dental fees according to the cost of living in Budapest.

Is there anything else that I should know?

You will not have to travel back-and-forth to Budapest for follow-ups but can see our local Irish dentist, which is hugely convenient if you do not have the time to jump on a plane to see your dentist.

Are dental implants abroad the only treatment offered overseas?

You can travel to Hungary for any dental procedure you see fit, but people tend to go for major treatments that cost a lot back home, including root canals, veneers and other expensive treatments.

Our guarantee, your Budapest dental care

We, at Access Smile are big on our promises. It is important to us that when you choose us as your health care provider for your smile, that you know we are here to do your smile justice. When we provide you with a quote for your treatment plan, we have no hidden agendas, no nasty surprises and you can be sure of knowing that the work that is done, will not cause any issues further down the line.

budapest-dentalEvery procedure has its risks. Our Budapest dental care providers cannot promise that everything will go smoothly for you. But by offering a lengthy and detailed aftercare service, should you strike any issues or concerns, you will be covered and any additional services that you require will not come at any extra cost.

This is not like many other dental practices, whether they are local or based abroad. Unfortunately you will not find much of an aftercare guarantee written in basic quotes from other practices and if you do not know what you are looking for when working through the quote you have received, you can find yourself needing to pay hefty additional costs through no fault of your own.

Budapest dental professionals work tirelessly with us to be able to provide you with aftercare by local team members within London, Ireland and abroad in Hungary. Your treatment has a lifetime guarantee, because we use top quality materials that we can trust to last the distance.

What other aftercare services can we offer you?

We offer a 6 week root canal treatment programme, for those of you who are unfortunate enough to need to have a root canal treatment after the original procedure has been completed. Less than one in every 1000 patients will find that one or some of their teeth were not able to sustain the impact that crown or bridge work had. The trauma results in the need to have a root canal and signs and symptoms will begin to present within a week or so after the initial treatment has been completed.

In order to offer you peace of mind should you be one of those 1000 people who experience this unlikely event, we offer full root canal treatment coverage. This means that you will not need to pay another penny. From flights, to hotel bookings to the treatment itself, it is all on us.

This is not a common service that dentists provide, as it is through no fault of either the dentist or the patient should this occur. We simply want you to be comfortable in knowing that we have your best interests at heart. We want you to be able to enjoy your time with us, rather than have doubts about travelling abroad for your Budapest dental experience.

Our clear and comprehensive quotes allow you to fully understand what it is that we offer you and you do not need to feel like we are trying to avoid or disguise anything in any way. You do not need to be a dentist yourself to understand any risks that you may be undertaking. We wish for your experience with us to be as risk free as possible.

How do you go about getting dental treatment in Hungary?

You may have heard about other people going abroad to receive quality dental care at a fraction of the cost that is required in the UK and Ireland. You might even be a little bit envious of their sightseeing stories that they have returned with, making it seem more like an European holiday than a necessary trip for dental treatment in Hungary.

dental-treatment-hungaryBut how do you take the first step in finding the right dental practice? Who do you go and see, to give you the peace of mind knowing that you will receive quality care and have answered the boundless questions that you may have regarding the logistics of such a treatment plan?

We, at Access Smile, understand that many people across the UK and Ireland are in desperate need of certain dental work, procedures that unfortunately are not covered by insurance or the NHS. These procedures usually come under the umbrella of cosmetic treatments, however they are often for restorative proposes in order to avoid treatment further down the line, or to enable full functionality of the mouth again.

Dental treatment in Hungary does not need to be confusing or intimidating. You can feel guided and supported the entire way by getting in touch with one of our treatment consultants. These superstar supporters are here to answer all of your questions, direct you on your next step and ensure a member of the team will be available to you 24/7.

Whether you have concerns regarding your hotel booking, your dental treatment in Hungary or you are looking to move a scheduled appointment around to fit in with some sightseeing plans, then rest assured that we speak your language, take the time to understand your concerns and ensure that you are confident and comfortable with our solution.

By being able to have that faith in a homegrown, local business who cooperates with Budapest dentists that are unknown to you, you are able to negotiate and understand your situation easily, creating a treatment plan that you are happy with.

There are many flexible options regarding how much of the treatment can be done in Budapest or Dublin, where you can stay and how long you want to be abroad for. You can visit the dental practice in Budapest during the early stages of your treatment to decide whether you want to go ahead with the plan, or you can wait until the last moment, allowing you maximum time at home with your family or at work, reducing any chances of major disruption to your routine.

If you are looking for a lower cost treatment for procedures that are not covered by the NHS or regular dental insurance plans, because you have found that local dental practices are simply too costly, then look no further than the affordable and top quality dental care with one of our friendly, professional and fully trained dentists in Budapest.

You are able to experience a new culture whilst receiving outstanding care and service, knowing that there are no hidden surprises or unexpected extras. We ensure that you are taken care of from the moment you get in touch with us, until long after your dental issue has been resolved.

How to receive dental implants abroad

This treatment is unfortunately an expensive option that many of our patients feel is a necessary one. We are generally quite lucky here in the UK and Ireland where we have insurance and health care that can assist us in the costs of all necessary dental work for our overall health and well-being.

Dental Implants AbroadHowever, still considered as a mostly cosmetic dental treatment by the NHS, having dental implants abroad is one of the only ways in which you are able to reduce the costs of this highly popular and very successful procedure.

Traditionally, finding dental implants abroad was perhaps once a somewhat risky adventure and one that was best left to those well travelled types who were able to navigate themselves around the different cultures to get the best deal.

It isn’t only about cost in these situations either. People want to ensure that they are getting a quality treatment, that they have some kind of guarantee should something go wrong and that they are receiving care in a sterile, hygienic setting using the best quality technology and equipment.

Doing this alone can be a nightmare and extremely stressful. This is where we at Access Smile are here to help. Having dental implants abroad does not have to be an intimidating experience. Our treatment consultants are here to hold your hand through every step and clearly explain to you what will happen during the entire process.

We have also put a lot of time into our guarantee and what we have come up with goes above and beyond anything you will find in a local dental practice. On the slim chance that anything should go wrong after your treatment has finished, we will take care of it through no expense of your own.

For six weeks after the treatment, if you need a root canal due to trauma caused by the procedure, then you will not have to pay a penny for this to be done. The flights, accommodation and treatment is all on us. Since such trauma is through no fault of the dentist or the patient, it is not standard to offer such a service.

A lifetime guarantee for the quality of your treatment is offered with us on top of this, because we are so confident that our choice of material, equipment used and skill of our dentists is unbeatable.

Why else should you choose us?

Our Budapest dental practice is fully equipped and has a large capacity, meaning that it is unlikely you will have to wait very long to commence your treatment. This treatment is a permanent solution to missing teeth and is also loaded with other advantages that will benefit you as well.

Normal dentures are one of the leading causes of jawbone deterioration as the jaw is not stimulated enough due to the dentures simply sitting on the gums. Implants are osteoconductive, meaning they support bone growth and fuse with the bone to create a strong and permanent anchor for teeth to be attached to.

After receiving dental implants, you can enjoy a life where you do not need to be concerned about your smile or your dentures slipping or falling out. You can have full functionality of your mouth back, as well as your natural smile to boot.

Is there anything different about Budapest dental care?

You may be wondering why receiving dental care in another country can be a cost effective way to have certain treatments done. Having such procedures performed on your teeth, gums and mouth can dramatically improve your self-confidence and your ability to chew and speak correctly. If you have been wishing that you could afford to regain full functionality of your smile again, then perhaps Budapest dental care is an option for you.

budapest-dental-careBy receiving your dental treatment care from Budapest dental professionals, you will never be compromising on quality or professional care. Access Smile ensure that our entire team have the appropriate training, work in a modern and fully equipped facility and have a professional and warm demeanor that combined, leaves you feeling confident and comfortable.

We understand that any dental treatment can be a very stressful experience and an exploration into the unknown can intensify these feelings. That is why we hold your hand throughout the entire process, keeping you well informed and answering any questions that you may have.

The Budapest dental facilities are right up to date and there is a great attention to detail to ensure that your health and safety is paramount. The equipment and technology used throughout your procedure will be equal to what is found in any private dental practice here in the UK,or Ireland.

The fact of the matter is because the cost of living, real estate, insurance, wages for support staff, tertiary education and training fees are lower in Hungary, we are able to pass on these reductions in costs to you, our patients.

What do we offer?

We are fully transparent regarding our treatments. There are no hidden surprises, additional costs or false promises made in the initial stages that can leave you with needing to pay for necessary additional extras, after a quoted estimate price has been provided for you.

We are detailed and thorough and everything that you need will be included in our final price. This also includes hotels and transfers, meaning that you do not have to factor in these additional extras when looking to visit one of our Hungarian dentists.

Another important aspect of our treatment plan that we take very seriously, is your aftercare. There are both detailed and thorough aftercare procedures available for you, in both Budapest and in your home country. Our long-term partners in Dublin and London can be at your side for many years to come.

In the unlikely event of a complication following your treatment, you can rest assured knowing that you do not have to pay additionally for assistance in these matters. We will pay for the costs of travel should you need to return to your Hungarian dentist in order to rectify an issue that has developed.

This should leave you feeling as confident as we are in our ability to provide you with a service that delivers results. Our transparent and honest nature allows you to simply focus on what you need to, rather than feeling like you need to be aware of clever marketing and false claims.

How you can save on dental treatment in Hungary

Do you want to have restorative treatment done on your teeth, but it is not considered a part of your insurance? The cost can become staggering when you are forced to go private and it can cause many patients to simply put off an important and potentially life-changing treatment.

dental-treatments-hungaryBy talking to us, Access Smile can ensure that you receive the same standard of care, if not better, that you would receive in a private dental practice in the UK, but for only a fraction of the cost. How can we do that? Dental practices that are based abroad are able to offer the exact same dental care service for a greatly reduced cost, simply due to the lower cost of living in that particular area.

Dental treatment in Hungary is fast becoming a popular choice for individuals who are looking for a very high level of care at a very reasonable price. Dentists are trained according to global standards and have access to the latest, refined equipment and technology. We vouch for the high standard of medical care, strict surgical conditions and impressive success rates that these professionals are providing.

The process is straightforward and patients are guided through every step of the way. Even for those people who have not travelled abroad before, dental treatment in Hungary is an exciting, professional and comforting experience. Patients are able to enjoy as much or as little time as they wish to stay away from home and can feel secure knowing they are surrounded by others who are going through similar treatments.

How does it all work?

We understand that convenience is an important factor and one that might have you hesitant about travelling abroad for your dental work. This is why we have joined forces with a dental practice based in Hungary, in order to minimise the time that you need to spend out of your country and away from work.

You are invited to come and visit us in our Dublin or London practices in order to receive your dental treatment in Hungary, so that all of the necessary scans and consultations can take place. If you are based too far away from Dublin or London for this to be convenient, we can guide you through which scans and information you should acquire from one of our many partnered laboratories.

We send this information away to the dental practice in Budapest for the dentists there to gain an understanding of the work that needs to be done. Your point of contact will be with a treatment consultant who will provide you with quotes and help you to arrange the booking of flights and hotels and who can let you keep track of your schedule.

After you have had your treatment in Budapest, long term aftercare can be provided back in your city of choice, allowing you to carry on with your normal working hours or routine, as per normal.

There are many advantages and benefits that we provide along the way, ensuring that you are completely covered and feel entirely at ease throughout the whole procedure. From 24/7 help desks that can answer your queries and ease your fears, to a guarantee of success, with any further work being done at out cost, know that we are a professional and dedicated team who are here to provide you with a healthier smile for less.

Your first steps to dental implants abroad

You might have heard a lot of talk recently about the wonderful benefits that replacing missing teeth can have for your overall health and well-being. It is not a secret that losing a tooth can be seriously detrimental to your self-confidence as well as your ability to eat and speak correctly.

Dental Implants AbroadBy seeking to rectify this concern as quickly as possible, you are allowing yourself to move on and your body to repair itself. However it is never too late to make a change and we urge those people who have missing teeth to come and speak with us about options for getting dental implants abroad.

Dental implants abroad are a great way for our patients to save money and to be able to afford a treatment that they may otherwise not be able to have. The NHS and many insurance companies do not cover this treatment, as it is still considered a cosmetic procedure.

We agree it certainly improves the appearance and self-confidence of the people who choose to permanently replace their missing teeth, but there are so many additional health benefits, that many dentists find it imperative that their patients do something about it for their general well-being.

What can missing teeth do to our mouths?

Other teeth seem to overcompensate for a missing tooth by shifting and moving to fill in the empty socket. The result is that teeth become crooked and this can make it harder for you to bite, eat and chew correctly. You may even realise that you are finding it difficult to speak and teeth may begin to rub against your cheek causing pain.

Poor nutrition can sometimes accompany missing teeth, as you begin to eat foods that you are comfortably able to eat, rather than what you should be eating. Your gums can also be exposed to cuts and infection as certain foods irritate them.

How do I replace my missing teeth?

By seeking the professional care of a Budapest dentist, you are able to reduce costs significantly with dental implants abroad. This is because the cost of the practice rental, insurance, wages and general cost of living is less than in Ireland or the United Kingdom. We are able to pass down the savings to our patients.

The first step to take when receiving your dental implants abroad is to contact one of our treatment consultants. They are able to answer any questions you may have and can establish a quote for you so that you have a general idea of what costs you are looking at.

You can then either come into our Dublin based practice or visit one of the many partners that we have dotted across London, the UK and Ireland to quickly and conveniently begin the process to a healthier and happier you.

All information that we obtain is sent over to our Hungarian dentist and from there we can establish your treatment plan. Access Smile hold your hand throughout the entire procedure and nothing is left to the unknown. We can assist you with booking your flights and we book your hotel stay for you, as well as organising the transfers to and from the dental practice.

A smooth procedure and one that we hope you enjoy, we are determined to offer you a top quality service at an affordable price.