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Why you’re in safe hands at our Budapest dental practice

Damaging your teeth may seem like a nightmare scenario, but all is not lost, help is at hand as our talented team can help solve your dental troubles. Unfortunately some people can still be a little hesitant to undergo dental treatments abroad and it’s understandable, with new places, new sights and cultures, it can be a little daunting.


So with that in mind, here is why you’re in safe hands at our Budapest dental practice.

Cutting edge technology

Our clinic uses state-of-the-art technology to perform a wide range of treatments to suit a variety of needs. Whether that’s an X-ray to assess any damage from an accident such as a trip or fall, an emergency filling or a complete redesign of your smile, our dental technology is up to scratch in our Budapest dental practice.

Experienced with tourists

We have over 12 years of experience with tourists and those coming abroad for specific treatments. Through this we have been able to gather insight into what our patients tend to expect from their visit and how we can meet or even exceed those expectations when they engage us for their procedures.

At Access Smile our team are all fluent in English and we ensure that they are all trained to the highest industry standards to provide you with a professional dental experience. So don’t worry if your Hungarian is a little rusty or you’re unsure which dialect to use, as our team will still be able to communicate with you easily.

 Wide array of treatments

We offer a wide range of treatments to suit a lot of different needs. Whether that’s an emergency repair with implants, veneers or crowns, a replacement filling or an overlay to improve any decayed teeth, there are plenty of procedures for our patients to request.

Our aftercare guarantee

In the unlikely event that something happens, our team will provide you with the highest quality of aftercare at no extra cost, to remedy any unexpected issues that may crop up. In more serious cases, we can also help you to arrange a return trip to our clinics abroad for further treatment and help.

Written testimonials from patients

Nothing speaks more about reputation than recommendation by word of mouth, that’s why we have provided a list of written testimonials from patients after their treatments, as well as short video reviews for anyone considering booking an appointment. There are also case studies with photographic examples to show how we can fix your various dental woes.

Practices located in Hungary and Ireland

Whether you are opting to explore Eastern Europe or investigating the sights of the ‘Emerald Isle’, you can relax knowing that our practices in Budapest and Dublin are there to help should you have any dental issues to sort out at the same time.

So as you can see, whether you are having a treatment at our Dublin practice or at our Budapest branch, you are always in safe hands with our team at Access Smile.

Our guarantee, your Budapest dental care

We, at Access Smile are big on our promises. It is important to us that when you choose us as your health care provider for your smile, that you know we are here to do your smile justice. When we provide you with a quote for your treatment plan, we have no hidden agendas, no nasty surprises and you can be sure of knowing that the work that is done, will not cause any issues further down the line.

budapest-dentalEvery procedure has its risks. Our Budapest dental care providers cannot promise that everything will go smoothly for you. But by offering a lengthy and detailed aftercare service, should you strike any issues or concerns, you will be covered and any additional services that you require will not come at any extra cost.

This is not like many other dental practices, whether they are local or based abroad. Unfortunately you will not find much of an aftercare guarantee written in basic quotes from other practices and if you do not know what you are looking for when working through the quote you have received, you can find yourself needing to pay hefty additional costs through no fault of your own.

Budapest dental professionals work tirelessly with us to be able to provide you with aftercare by local team members within London, Ireland and abroad in Hungary. Your treatment has a lifetime guarantee, because we use top quality materials that we can trust to last the distance.

What other aftercare services can we offer you?

We offer a 6 week root canal treatment programme, for those of you who are unfortunate enough to need to have a root canal treatment after the original procedure has been completed. Less than one in every 1000 patients will find that one or some of their teeth were not able to sustain the impact that crown or bridge work had. The trauma results in the need to have a root canal and signs and symptoms will begin to present within a week or so after the initial treatment has been completed.

In order to offer you peace of mind should you be one of those 1000 people who experience this unlikely event, we offer full root canal treatment coverage. This means that you will not need to pay another penny. From flights, to hotel bookings to the treatment itself, it is all on us.

This is not a common service that dentists provide, as it is through no fault of either the dentist or the patient should this occur. We simply want you to be comfortable in knowing that we have your best interests at heart. We want you to be able to enjoy your time with us, rather than have doubts about travelling abroad for your Budapest dental experience.

Our clear and comprehensive quotes allow you to fully understand what it is that we offer you and you do not need to feel like we are trying to avoid or disguise anything in any way. You do not need to be a dentist yourself to understand any risks that you may be undertaking. We wish for your experience with us to be as risk free as possible.

Is there anything different about Budapest dental care?

You may be wondering why receiving dental care in another country can be a cost effective way to have certain treatments done. Having such procedures performed on your teeth, gums and mouth can dramatically improve your self-confidence and your ability to chew and speak correctly. If you have been wishing that you could afford to regain full functionality of your smile again, then perhaps Budapest dental care is an option for you.

budapest-dental-careBy receiving your dental treatment care from Budapest dental professionals, you will never be compromising on quality or professional care. Access Smile ensure that our entire team have the appropriate training, work in a modern and fully equipped facility and have a professional and warm demeanor that combined, leaves you feeling confident and comfortable.

We understand that any dental treatment can be a very stressful experience and an exploration into the unknown can intensify these feelings. That is why we hold your hand throughout the entire process, keeping you well informed and answering any questions that you may have.

The Budapest dental facilities are right up to date and there is a great attention to detail to ensure that your health and safety is paramount. The equipment and technology used throughout your procedure will be equal to what is found in any private dental practice here in the UK,or Ireland.

The fact of the matter is because the cost of living, real estate, insurance, wages for support staff, tertiary education and training fees are lower in Hungary, we are able to pass on these reductions in costs to you, our patients.

What do we offer?

We are fully transparent regarding our treatments. There are no hidden surprises, additional costs or false promises made in the initial stages that can leave you with needing to pay for necessary additional extras, after a quoted estimate price has been provided for you.

We are detailed and thorough and everything that you need will be included in our final price. This also includes hotels and transfers, meaning that you do not have to factor in these additional extras when looking to visit one of our Hungarian dentists.

Another important aspect of our treatment plan that we take very seriously, is your aftercare. There are both detailed and thorough aftercare procedures available for you, in both Budapest and in your home country. Our long-term partners in Dublin and London can be at your side for many years to come.

In the unlikely event of a complication following your treatment, you can rest assured knowing that you do not have to pay additionally for assistance in these matters. We will pay for the costs of travel should you need to return to your Hungarian dentist in order to rectify an issue that has developed.

This should leave you feeling as confident as we are in our ability to provide you with a service that delivers results. Our transparent and honest nature allows you to simply focus on what you need to, rather than feeling like you need to be aware of clever marketing and false claims.

Visiting Budapest Dental will reduce your stress and save you time

At Budapest Dental in Hungary, we use UK brands and products, and all of our staff are professionally trained, ready to put you and your teeth first, so that you can achieve the smile you have been seeking. You can trust our clinic to give you top quality treatment that you can rely on, with no nasty surprises later on. If you are on holiday, or looking to get dental treatment abroad, you can book an appointment with us without having to spend several hours of your time trying to find reliable dentists. We can save you the stress and improve your smile.

Budapest Dental in HungaryWe have a range of treatments available that can completely restore your teeth or just repair and refresh the ones that you have which are damaged. It is easy to book a dental appointment online or over the phone, and at your consultation appointment you will be able to have a discussion with one of our dental practitioners about what problems you have been experiencing or what areas of your teeth you wish to improve.

Dental implants

If you are missing a tooth, or have a gap in your smile, it can cause you to feel self-conscious and even make you refrain from smiling in public. This can make you feel isolated from others and leave you feeling incredibly downtrodden. Having dental implants at Budapest Dental in Hungary can completely recreate your smile, whether you are missing one tooth or all of them, giving you your confidence back when it comes to smiling, eating and speaking in public.

An implant is a small titanium screw that is inserted into your jawbone. It acts as a post for additional appliances to be fixed onto, such as crowns or bridges. These appliances are what completes the appearance of your new smile and they are designed to look and feel exactly like your original teeth. If you need to replace a single tooth, then it is more than likely that a crown will be used, and it will completely close up your gap and allow you to smile and chew as normal.

When you have multiple teeth missing our practitioners could recommend either a bridge or a partial denture, depending on the position of the teeth that are missing. A bridge is used if there is a healthy original tooth remaining in the middle of the missing teeth, whilst a partial denture is used to replace several teeth that are missing in a row.

To replace a whole set of teeth you will not necessarily require one implant per tooth. Patients who have a full set of dentures fitted will typically require between four and twelve implants to support their appliance, but this is something that will be discussed at your consultation appointment.

Other treatments

Here, at Budapest Dental in Hungary, we offer a variety of treatments. If you have chipped or damaged teeth, or wish to make your smile appear more even, then veneers could be the solution to your problem. They can make your teeth appear longer or wider and can disguise any chips, especially if they are in your front teeth.

Sometimes you may need to have a filling to repair a damaged tooth, as this will protect it from further damage and will reduce your chances of needing more extensive dental care in the future.

There are a range of treatments available at Budapest Dental

At Budapest Dental in Hungary we offer a range of treatments that can help you improve the condition of both your teeth and smile. Whether you are on holiday and need to find reliable dental care quickly, or you are making a special trip just to see us, our fully qualified and professional team will be there to support you from the moment you enter our practice. We use the top UK brands at more affordable prices, but the dental care you receive will always be of the highest quality.

Budapest Dental in HungaryWe offer aftercare treatments for our patients and even offer root canal treatment, something that many dental practices do not offer, even if your teeth are damaged and require root canal treatment due to trauma suffered during another treatment. It is easy to make a consultation appointment at our dental practice online and over the phone, and our friendly team will be more than happy to answer any queries that you may have.

Replacing gaps in your teeth

At Budapest Dental in Hungary we know how traumatising it can be to have a missing tooth or several missing teeth. That is why we offer dental implants, which are a completely natural way of replacing your teeth. They act and feel exactly as your original teeth would have done, and, regardless of how many teeth you are missing, you can have your artificial ones implanted so you are always able to achieve that permanent feel.

If you are only missing one tooth then it is likely that a single implant will be used to support your replacement tooth, which is likely to be a crown. If you need to replace a full set of teeth then a full set of dentures can be attached to your implants. In this situation you will not necessarily need one implant per tooth, as a full set of dentures can be supported by as little as four implants in some cases.

When you need to replace a few teeth that are next to each other, our dental practitioners are likely to recommend that you have a partial denture fitted. If you have a gap on either side of a tooth then it may be advised that you have a bridge fitted instead of multiple crowns, as this can offer more support. Your dental practitioner will be able to advise you about which treatments are the most suited to your individual circumstances.

Repairing your damaged teeth

It is common for someone to chip a tooth during their lifetime and many of our patients have suffered with a chip in their smile for years before seeking treatment. Having a chip in your smile can make it appear uneven and leave you feeling insecure about smiling at people. At Budapest Dental in Hungary we can provide you with veneers, and make your smile appear bright and even once again.

Veneers work by attaching to the surface of your teeth. Your teeth will need to be prepared by one of our practitioners before you have your veneers fitted but, once they are on, they are completely comfortable. They change the appearance of each tooth by making it appear longer or wider to give you a more even smile. They can also whiten your teeth by a few shades and provide your teeth with a little bit of additional protection.

Dentistry Abroad

For many people, dentistry in the UK can be extremely costly, and this can result in them simply avoiding the dentist. This can be dangerous, as without treating a dental problem, the symptoms and conditions will only get worse, and additional problems may arise. Therefore, many dental practices such as Access Smile have come up with a solution for this, by providing access to treatment in dental practices abroad. Budapest dental services is one example that we use in order to provide excellent services at a lower cost, all supervised by our team. It is our number one priority that you are well cared for and know exactly what the treatments will entail.

Budapest DentalWhat services are available abroad?

Budapest dental services abroad will cover any treatment, however for you to benefit, it will most likely be an expensive and advanced treatment. We will also assist you in the processes to get there, and do not expect you to make your own way there without any support. We also want to be as supportive as we can while you are there and will be available to call on a hotline 24 hours a day, so if you have any major concerns about the trip, then we will be available to calm you down.

Dental implants

Dental implants are an option available as part of our Budapest dental treatments, and are something that you may reconsider abroad. Dental implants are a relatively new treatment, and are extremely advanced, so getting the treatment in the UK can be expensive. Dental practices abroad will offer the treatment for a considerably lower price, and even after return flights can still be half of the cost. A single dental implant can cost several thousands of pounds, so if you are looking to get several done at once, then you can be sure of a large dental bill.

How do dental implants work, why are they so expensive?

Dental implants require a great deal of expertise, and some extremely advanced materials, which makes them costly to administer. The process will also take a long time, sometimes over 6 months, which means that the work put into the implants can increase the cost greatly.

Before any treatment can be considered, the patient must undergo a dental implant consultation, which will be able to determine whether they are eligible or not for dental implants. Therefore, it is important to contact us before making any decisions to go abroad, as you may not be able to receive the treatment. This can be for multiple reasons, such as the sinus cavity being too low, and simply not having enough jawbone for the implant to remain securely in place.

Bone grafts can be implemented in order to make the jawbone more substantial, and therefore be a stronger foundation for the implant. In the case of sinuses being too close to the jawbone, a simple sinus lift will be able to fix this issue. Therefore, if you have any queries about dental implants, then do not hesitate to contact us.

Making it simple with Budapest dental

We are dedicated to offering you a simpler and more cost effective way in making sure that you can get the smile you dream of. By assisting you in every step of the way as you make your journey to gaining that healthier smile, dental tourism can easily be the alternative that you have been looking for.

Budapest DentalWe sometimes hear that local dentists are offering the ‘same price’. It sounds like a great deal but we have seen time and time again that it isn’t always true. Over the past 9 years since we have started this unique service, we have not been able to see a quote that even comes close to what our Budapest dental professionals can provide.

To make it clear, we implore you to get a detailed quote in writing that takes note of a few things before you accept one of these ‘same price’ offers that are flashed around. Having a detailed quote can help you avoid needing to pay a lot more in the end as additional necessities keep coming to light.

Be aware that a ‘same price’ quote sometimes only offers part of the treatment whereas we will quote you on the entire treatment from start to finish. It is also imperative that you are aware of what materials are being used for your treatment. Know that we only work with the best rated brands that are constantly in review and receive the best ratings.

We will always guarantee our products and the quality of our service. You are able to get a quality treatment at a quality price. Initial pricings on websites do not tell the whole story. If you are not careful, finding the cheapest treatment can end up costing you the most.

We make it simple and ensure that our patient journey provides you with the best treatment that you need for your specific condition at a great value price. We are transparent and honest about our pricing because we believe these is nothing to hide. We know with our Budapest dental  team we ensure that our commitment to patient care provides an all round positive experience.

How does it all work?

Our approach ensures that you have support every step of the way. We have a 24 hour hotline to answer questions regarding your treatment, accommodation or your time in Budapest. We help you to make those important decisions at the beginning of your treatment as we plan everything out so that you are comfortable and well informed about what your choices are and what you have decided to do.

We organise your stay in Budapest, dental service is of excellent quality as is the aftercare. You can opt to have several of the initial procedures done locally as well to minimise any disruption to your lifestyle. We work with you and around your timetable to ensure that you do not have to travel unnecessarily and get the treatment done in a timeframe that suits you.

What happens in our Budapest dental practice?

We understand that there can be a certain element of uncertainty when it comes to dental tourism as with any fear of the unknown. However we can offer a dental service to be proud of. So we thought it would be a great idea for you to get to know some of the procedures that are used in our Budapest dental practice so that you can have some idea of what to expect.

Budapest Dental SurgeryOur Budapest dental surgery practice offers all of the patients a caring, compassionate and professional experience. Our facilities are strictly kept to an exceptionally high standard, adhering to cross-contamination rules for your safety and comfort. We use the latest available equipment and continually keep up to date with the most advanced techniques, ensuring that you get the best quality treatment available.

In fact, you can simply compare our standard of quality and the products and technology that we have available to us  in our Budapest dental surgery to any private dental practice in the UK and Ireland. However, some of these private dental practices are very expensive and we are able to offer our services at a fraction of the cost, simply owing to the location of our surgical practice. We can provide the same service without all the additional costs.

We use only the leading brands and products that have been rigorously tested and tried. All of our team members are fluent in English and are highly qualified, being trained to the best possible standards. We take an approach that holds your hand from the moment you decide to work with us, so there is no element of confusion and you feel completely cared for from the moment you leave your doorstep to the moment you step back on it again.

Why choose us to get you over there?

We are proud of what we can provide each and every one of our patients. We know that you need to trust in your team to go abroad for treatment. It can be a daunting experience to travel, let alone to navigate yourself to where you need to be and get the treatment that you seek.

This is why we put so much thought and care to the relationship that we have with our patients. A 24 hour hotline is available for any of your questions, whether it be regarding your treatment or your accommodation or travel plans or any other aspect of your stay in Budapest.

We will support you through every step of the way so that you can relax and focus on preparing yourself for your treatment. We combine care with quality and are delighted to be receiving so much feedback from delighted patients who have referred us to their beloved friends and family.

If you are looking for an alternative to UK and Irish dental practices, then consider dental tourism with us as a unique chance at offering you a quality service in combination with a trip to an interesting location!

Access Smile and our dental treatment in Hungary

In today’s society, there are many options when it comes to choosing the best place to undergo dental treatment.

Ideally, whether you are looking for basic dental treatments such as fillings or extractions or hunting for a dental surgery competent enough to help you with cosmetic based dental work, our team at Access Smile can help you.

Budapest DentalUnlike many other private dentists in Dublin, we have another location that provides our patients with exceptional care at an affordable price, our Budapest dental surgery. This surgery has excellent modern equipment, and is able to offer our customers the most comfortable and professional environment.

Our Team In Budapest

At our Budapest dental surgery, the team of technicians, dentists and hygienists are trained to the highest levels and are extremely well qualified to help you with whichever dental treatment you wish to undertake.

It may seem unusual to seek treatment in another country, but staff in our Budapest dental surgery reflect our caring attitude and are fluent in English. They aim to make your stay and treatment as comfortable as possible.

Benefits of treatment abroad

There is an obvious benefit of undergoing treatment abroad – cost.

If you are unable to afford the fees put forward at our Dublin based surgery, you will probably prefer to seek services abroad. Though it may seem more expensive, it will save you money.  When going on your ‘dental vacation,’ all the treatment will be completed within a set time. If you were to undertake the same treatments in your local area, it is more likely to be spread out, putting pressure on other commitments like work or childcare.

When you choose to undertake dental cosmetics or general dentistry with Access Smile, we can offer you a lifetime guarantee on any work completed, either at our Dublin or Budapest based surgery.

If you undergo major treatment such as dental implants, crowns or bridge work, there is a risk of developing a problem that may require root canal treatment afterwards. Though this is a rare occurrence, unlike other private dental practices, we will not charge you additional costs for this treatment, if it arises in either of our practices.

Access Smile are the only dental surgery to offer 6 weeks cover for any root canal treatment after your treatments are completed.

No pressure approach

We understand that in order to go overseas to undertake any kind of treatment, you will need to have full confidence in our team in Dublin. We aim to explain everything to you before you travel and will break everything down in a comprehensive ‘plain English’ quotation.  If you feel it is too expensive, we will not try to coerce you in to undertaking the treatment.

If you change your mind on undertaking the trip to Budapest to undergo your treatment, we will be happy to offer you the same procedures in Dublin.

We want you to have the best experience with Access Smile, home or abroad!

Overseas treatment

Travelling abroad to receive oral healthcare can make important dental services more affordable. We offer a comprehensive service that includes treatment, travel, and aftercare. At our practice, patients can arrange to have Budapest dental care from their home country. The cost is often significantly lower than it would be for the same treatment at home, but the quality remains just as high.

Budapest DentalIntegrated services

Budapest dental treatment can be arranged through a company like ours at Access Smile. We have long-established processes that mean the whole experience is smooth and reliable. There are no surprise adjustments to the costs after quotation, and there’ll always be someone on hand who speaks fluent English, should the patient want to discuss anything. Plus, the patient doesn’t lose access to treatment when they return home. Dedicated aftercare services mean help is always available if adjustments need to be made.

Arranging Budapest dental work

The first stage of the process is a conversation about what dental treatment the patient requires. Patients often seek restorative work that enables them to enjoy eating again. Cosmetic procedures are also popular, which give the patients a dazzling smile. Budapest dental treatment also includes dental implants. These replacement teeth restore dental function, and fully integrate with the jawbone.

We have 24-hour hotlines so that the patient can have their questions answered speedily. This reassuring feature is one example of the reliability that’s a big part of what Budapest dental services provide. Unscrupulous providers can sometimes change the price of treatment at surprising moments. But here, the patient’s quoted treatment costs are guaranteed not to change.

Good links

The patient doesn’t have to navigate an unfamiliar city on their own. Transport links are provided to ensure a low-hassle experience of moving between the destinations involved in Budapest dental care. This affordable and high-quality dental health arrangement gives patients the chance to make the improvements they’ve always wanted. Plus, once they’ve returned home, aftercare services mean that any necessary follow-up work can be speedily performed. The end-to-end services on offer with overseas dental care providers allow patients access to truly contemporary dental treatments.