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Travelling to treatment

At Access Smile, we provide dental treatment abroad that includes high-quality, end-to-end travel and accommodation. Over a decade of experience in contemporary dental care means that our processes are smooth and effective, while our range of treatments is broad. You might be looking to restore a cracked tooth or have a neat and discreet filling for a cavity. Perhaps you’re after a cosmetic enhancement, or a replacement tooth. Our competitive prices mean you can access your desired dental improvements.

Dental Treatment AbroadCareful plans

We customise our care to make it as effective as possible for each of our patients. The first stage in our dental treatment abroad is a conversation. We’ll find out what you want to do to improve your teeth, and make a professional assessment. Then we’ll give you a meticulous breakdown of the costs involved from start to finish. You’ll always know the precise price of your dental treatment abroad before you give it the go-ahead.

Your dental health improvements will be delivered by friendly English-speaking dental teams. If you have any questions during the process, there’ll always be someone on hand to answer them.

Our travel and accommodation are well-honed and efficient, including transfers between airport and hotel. You won’t have to get to grips with local transport systems during your dental treatment abroad.

Once you’re back at home, we provide in-house aftercare services if you need any adjustments to finish off your treatment. These services will not cost you anything extra.


Our reassuring openness and commitment to reliability have made us a dependable provider of dental treatment abroad. You can rest easy in the knowledge that you’ll avoid some of dental tourism’s common risks, such as:

  • Hidden increases in the cost of the treatment, which you’re only told about when it’s too late to change your mind
  • Poor assessment of your dental health
  • Lack of proper aftercare and further charges after treatment.

With over 12 years in the business of dental treatment abroad, we can give you an affordable, low-hassle experience of contemporary dental solutions. Whether you want to improve your looks, repair dental damage, or restore lost teeth, we can give you access to a better dental future.

Give dental treatment abroad a go

So, you got your treatment plan through from your dentist and you almost fell off your chair when you saw the prices. Who knew that dentistry could cost so much? Well, it might cost an arm and a leg in the UK and Eire, but you can get equally high-quality treatment with just the same excellent brands at our dental clinic in Budapest when you choose to get your dental treatment abroad with us at Access Smile.

Dental Treatment AbroadCosts can really start to add up when you get anything much more than the odd filling at dental clinics in the UK and Eire. If you need to have inlays, onlays, crowns, or dental implants, then it is worth investigating dental treatment abroad.

If you would like to find out what we can do for you at Access Smile, it’s easy to find out.

Your treatment journey

Firstly, you need to send us a panoramic x-ray of your smile. We can take a look at it and if we think we can be of service, we will get you to come in for a consultation, either at our clinic in Dublin, or our clinic in London.

All our dentists speak fluent English and will be able to give you a detailed treatment plan along with costs. Once you have that, you can decide whether or not to go ahead with treatment. If you need to have preparatory work done first, we can do this at home before you fly.

We can answer all your queries on our 24-hour helpline before you go. We can also find you the ideal accommodation for you. We have a list of places to stay that we have been developing for the last 13 years we have been in business.

Once you arrive in Budapest, we will pick you up from the airport and drive you to your accommodation. We will also drive you to and from the dental clinic so that you never have to worry about negotiating the transport system here.

Once your treatment is complete, you will have aftercare and check-ups at our clinics back home. We take the worry out of dental treatment abroad. Give us a go!

Is it a good idea to go for dental treatment abroad?

More and more, people are seeking out ways to save money on big expenditures, and one way they are doing so is by going for dental treatment abroad. But is this really a good idea?

Well, it depends who you chose to go to, just like with anything. Caveat emptor, or buyer beware must be your motto. It pays to look for a longstanding dental clinic with strong ties to the UK and guarantees that they live up to.

Dental Treatment AbroadAt Access Smile, we like to think that after offering dental treatment abroad, in Budapest, to patients in the UK and Eire, that we have got the formula right, and have built a solid reputation for a high-quality and reliable service, before you go, when you get your treatment and after you come home again.

Having a comeback

Dentists in the UK and Eire have to be registered with the national dental association in order to legally practise. They do in Hungary as well. All our dentists are registered with their national association, and the ones that practise in London or Eire are also registered there too. This means that if you do have a complaint, you have someone to go to in order to pursue it.

Knowing what you pay

Some unscrupulous dental practices lure dental tourists by offering super-cheap prices for treatment and then piling on high hidden extra costs when the patient is at the clinic abroad and has no other option but to pay up. When you choose Access Smile for your dental treatment abroad, you get a written treatment plan with a detailed costing up front, the prices are guaranteed so you won’t have to pay more than you have already been told.

Understanding what’s going on

Everyone who works for Access Smile speaks fluent English. You will never have that horrible feeling of not knowing what people are saying when you are being treated.

Getting around

Getting lost in a foreign city when you have appointments to get to is another horrible feeling. That’s why we pick you up at the airport and take you to and from your appointments to your accommodation.

We offer high quality aftercare and careful planning for dental treatment abroad

The absence of good quality aftercare puts many people off going ahead with dental treatment abroad. Just imagine the stress and costs involved in having to revisit a dentist abroad if something goes wrong. This is where Access Smile is different to other companies offering dental treatment abroad. We own and manage our Budapest clinic, so we can make sure your treatment runs smoothly from beginning to end. This includes your travel and accommodation details, and high-quality aftercare.

Dental Treatment AbroadWhat does Access Smile aftercare include?

When you visit our Budapest clinic for dental treatment abroad, and, in the unlikely event that anything should go wrong, we can put everything right at no extra cost. Our guarantee not only includes any work required to treat any reaction, it also covers your flights and accommodation. You will not need to pay a penny more for additional treatment. We even offer root canal treatments in our guarantee; most dental clinics would charge extra if a problem with your treatment resulted in you needing a root canal treatment. In this rare situation, Access Smile will give you the required root canal treatment free of charge up to six weeks after you your initial treatment.

Quality is our goal

The level of aftercare offered at Access Smile is very high. The materials, products and techniques we use in Budapest are similar to what you would find in expensive private clinics in the UK, but they all come at a fraction of the price. Be assured, your treatment will never be substandard as our dentists must adhere to the strict rules of the General Dental Council, the Irish Dental Council and the Hungarian Dental Council. This includes cross-contamination rules to keep you safe from harm.

Talk to us

We understand that considering dental treatment abroad is a big thing, so we are here to help you each step of the way. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have, before or after your treatment. We will also help you to plan your accommodation, flights and transfers, no details will be missed. Let our team help you to get the smile you have been longing for.

Dental treatment abroad: we’ve got it covered

Living on a small island has its advantages: the sea provides a natural barrier to invaders and you are never very far from the coast. But there can also be drawbacks. For the UK and Ireland, being geographically cut off from the rest of Europe often means paying a higher price for the same products and services.

Dental Treatment AbroadThis is one reason why UK and Irish nationals seek dental treatment abroad. Procedures such as dental implants can run into the thousands, putting them out of reach of many who need them.

At Access Smile, we can help. We offer a tailored and all-encompassing dental treatment abroad service for residents of the UK and Ireland. Our modern, purpose-built clinic in Budapest offers the same quality of dental care, at a fraction of the cost. And with our 12-year track record, you can trust that you are in safe hands.

We make it as easy as we can for you. Our service includes:

  • Initial consultation at a dental practice near your home so we can assess what needs to be done before you arrive in Budapest;
  • A detailed breakdown of costs including transfers and accommodation;
  • Access to your treatment plan at any time, including x-rays and photographs;
  • Aftercare at our partner clinics in London and Dublin;
  • Help whenever you need it from our treatment consultants.

We understand that you may feel anxious about embarking on dental treatment abroad. That’s why we want to assure you that all our dentists are highly trained, to the same standard as UK-based dentists, and all the staff at our clinics are fluent in English.

We arrange accommodation for you at one of our partner hotels, whom we have been working with for years. We pick you up from your hotel, take you to the clinic and bring you back, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. No need to try and navigate the transport system in a strange city, we have it all taken care of.

To find out more and arrange your dental treatment abroad, call or email our treatment consultants for a quick quote or request a call back.

Travel for dental care

Having high-quality dental treatment abroad is a reliable and reassuring experience with Access Smile. Our many years of experience have allowed us to establish efficient and effective processes for a range of vital dental health treatments. Whether you want restorative work, cosmetic enhancements, or replacement teeth, we’ll provide a high level of care at a competitive price.

Dental Treatment AbroadAssessment and planning

Our care is tailored to your personal dental situation. We’ll look at your teeth in detail and work out what needs to be done to bring them up to the standard you require. We’ll then show you a detailed costing of the entire process, so you’ll be aware exactly how much money you’ll be spending on your dental treatment abroad before you travel. It’s important to us that you’re able to make an informed choice.

Your treatment will be delivered by friendly dental professionals who all speak fluent English. They can answer any questions you may have about the process as it’s happening.

In terms of travel and accommodation, we have well-established links with local hotels and transfer services. You’ll have a smooth journey towards your dental treatment abroad.

When you’ve returned home, our comprehensive aftercare service means you’ll have access to reassurance should you need it. If there are any minor adjustments to make, they won’t cost you a penny extra.

Caring and reliable

Our reliable processes and commitment to openness have made us a trustworthy name in the field of dental treatment abroad. With us, you’ll avoid some of the risks associated with dental tourism. You may have heard of some of the following:

There’s a dramatic increase in the cost of your treatment, but they only tell you when you arrive at the dental practice;

  • Your teeth are not properly assessed, so your quote is inaccurate;
  • Necessary aftercare is not provided or is provided at extra cost.

After 12 years in business, our in-house processes are reassuringly reliable. The kinds of dental treatment overseas we provide range from fillings and crowns to cosmetic enhancements and dental implants. Our patients know that there are no hidden costs involved, so they can care for their finances as well as their teeth.

Trying out dental treatment abroad

While you may look forward to the benefits of your restored smile, dental treatment is often something that people generally don’t get overly excited about. Going to the dentist can be time consuming, nerve-racking, and extremely expensive.

While dental procedures are generally the same wherever you go, some of these negative experiences can be removed by taking your dental treatment abroad.

Dental Treatment AbroadHere at Access Smile, nerves and money don’t have to get in the way of you achieving a great smile. Maybe you need to fill the gap in your smile with dental implants, crowns and bridges, or maybe you are looking to enhance the look of your teeth with veneers. Whatever your needs, we can provide the best solution for you.

To ensure you are receiving the treatment that best suits you, your initial consultation will most likely be in the UK, where your dentist can thoroughly examine your mouth, and send off an x-ray to us here in Budapest.

Relax, you’re on holiday

If you suffer from dental phobia or are nervous about treatment, receiving dental treatment abroad may be a great opportunity to overcome your fear of the dentist and continue to keep your teeth happy and healthy.

Putting time aside to focus on your treatment and overcome your fear will be beneficial for your long-term oral health. If you do have anxieties about treatment, the first stage is telling us. Our staff are experienced and completely non-judgmental, and we do what we can to help keep these nerves at a minimum at every stage of your journey.

We help your anxiety by telling you all the details of the procedure. You can also speak to patients who have had the same treatment as you when you get here.

Understandably, the main fear people tend to have is about pain. The gums and teeth can be very sensitive. We use modern equipment to provide maximum comfort and efficiency. During treatment, we use anaesthesia, and sedation if it will help.

In between appointments, you can distract your thoughts from teeth by taking in the sights of Budapest and relaxing in the thermal spas.

Some reasons to have dental treatment abroad

Dental tourism in Hungary has developed considerably in recent years and there are various reasons behind it. Patients travelling from the UK to have their teeth fixed think that the relationship between the cost and the services provided in Hungary is superior. Plus, air tickets are very inexpensive. Overall, it appears that the reason for seeking dental treatment abroad these days is affordability.

In the UK and Ireland, dental treatment can be really expensive, especially for patients who cannot access the NHS or cannot wait for long waiting lists. Dental treatment abroad in Hungary is significantly lower because the cost of living is less and therefore wages are lower. However, this does not mean that patients cannot have high-quality dental treatment.

Dental Treatment AbroadAt Access Smile, we ensure that our patients receive the same level of care as they would in a private dental practice in the UK or Ireland. Our English speaking dental staff will help you to arrange every aspect of your dental treatment easily and effortlessly.

Why is dental treatment abroad in Hungary so affordable?

Some people may be tempted to think that dental treatment in Hungary is affordable because it is not as high-quality as in the UK. However, this is not true. Hungarian dentists are as qualified as UK dentists, yet the difference in costs is significant. At Access Smile, we will relieve any fears you may have about having your teeth fixed abroad, since we offer high-quality treatments with the same materials you would find in any dental practice in the UK or Ireland.

How safe is treatment in Hungary?

Dental treatment at Access Smile in Budapest is as safe as that offered in the UK and Ireland, since we fulfil the international standards of care. Plus, Hungary is renowned for having the lowest MRSA infection rates in Europe due to strict control.

How long will I need to stay in Hungary?

Depending on the type of dental treatment you are interested to pursue, you will need to stay in Budapest from a few days to a week. If you need treatment in two stages, it is recommended to make two shorter visits.

Why have dental treatment abroad?

Over the last decade, more and more patients go abroad for dental treatment. This is partly because seeing a private dentist in the UK and Ireland is still a considerable cost. Hungary is a very popular destination due to the great ratio between dental costs and benefits.

At Access Smile, we never sacrifice quality and we strive to offer our Budapest patients the same level of care they would receive back home. Dental treatment abroad is considerably cheaper due to a number of factors, including cheaper production costs and lower wages. Our team of dentists and dental stuff are highly-qualified, fluent in English and determined to make your dental treatment as relaxed and effective as possible.

Dental Treatment AbroadMaking your journey simple

At Access Dental, we are determined to make your journey as easy and smooth as possible. We advise potential patients to visit our dental practice in Dublin or London first in order to undergo a thorough dental examination. This will enable us to collect as much information as possible before you embark on your journey to Hungary. If you are unable to travel to Dublin, you can send us an x-ray and we will examine it along with the rest of the information you provide.

If you are in the UK, we can help you minimise costs by booking an x-ray for you at several locations. Last but not least, we will help you organise your dental treatment abroad. During this process, you will be able to see our facility in Budapest, talk with our dentists and even get in touch with patients who are already there.

Once your treatment plan is finalised and your quotes are agreed, our patient co-ordinators in Budapest will get in touch to offer information on hotels, flights, transfers to the dental practice and other questions you may have. Once you appointment is set, we will book your hotel and arrange transport. Even if you are not an experienced traveller, you can ensure that your journey will be safe.

Get in touch

To learn more about our dental clinic in Budapest and the dental services we provide, contact us today.

We will take care of you

It might seem very daunting to go for dental treatment abroad if you have never done it before, and even more so if you are a bit scared of going to the dentist anyway. Even though more and more people are finding the cost of dentistry in the UK to be untenable, some are choosing to not have it done at all rather than go through the hassle of choosing a country, a dentist, a hotel, booking flights and then navigating their way round an unfamiliar city whilst potentially bit vulnerable after having an anaesthetic.

Dental Treatment AbroadThat’s why, at Access Smile, we take care of everything you need when you come to us for dental treatment abroad.

Before and after care at home

You need access to a dentist both before and after you go for dental treatment abroad. This is why we have clinics in Dublin and London. Our dentists there will assess what treatment you need and carry out any preparatory work before you go to our clinic in Budapest, Hungary. You also come back to our clinics in the UK and Ireland for aftercare and check-ups until we are satisfied that your treatment is complete and successful.

Treatment at our Budapest clinic

Treatment here is of the highest standard, such as you would find in the best of the private dental clinics at home. And you won’t be in the dark as all our staff are fluent in English. You can also rest easy in the knowledge that all our dental work comes with a full guarantee so that, if something does go wrong, we will put it right for you at no extra cost. All our work is carried out using the same high-quality equipment and modern techniques that you find at a good UK dentist.

Taking care of you

We will help you book your trip. We have a range of hotels, B&Bs and apartments that we have forged strong links with since we started organising trips to Hungary for dental treatment abroad. We pick you up from the airport and wherever you are staying so you do not have to worry about navigating the city.