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Time for dental treatment abroad

The amount of time spent at the dentist varies from person to person; it usually consists of a quick check-up, perhaps a visit to the hygienist and the thumbs up from the dentist that you are doing a fine job of looking after your teeth. But sometimes it’s not so easy: teeth can misbehave and grow wonky, or they may get knocked out and leave people with unsightly gaps in their teeth. This is when you may need to receive dental treatment.

Dental Treatment abroadPeople do what they can to avoid facing this, as dental treatments in the UK can be very expensive. However, hope is not lost. Going for dental treatment abroad offers people a chance to sort out their teeth, restoring their ability to eat and smile confidently, without ending up out of pocket.

At Access Smile, we offer a range of treatments to suit individual needs, which match the high quality of dental practices in the UK.

Dental implants

One of these treatments is dental implants. When teeth go missing it can leave a gap in your self-confidence as well as well in your smile. Dental implants are a long-lasting solution. They act as a replacement for the root of the tooth, providing a foundation for the new teeth. They are made to blend in with the rest of your teeth to restore a natural-looking smile. They also encourage bone growth, which helps to avoid the appearance of a sunken look in the face caused by bone loss.

Cosmetic dentistry

As well as improving the function of people’s teeth and their ability to eat and speak, cosmetic dentistry offers the chance for people to enhance the aesthetics of their smile and feel confident in their appearance. We offer fillings without drilling, so there is no need to fear the drill, and inlays and onlays that cover the chewing surface of the tooth and restore the strength and durability of the teeth.

If you are considering treatments such as these, why not open your mind to dental treatment abroad? We would be happy to hear from you and have a chat to find the best solution for your teeth.

A dental holiday

People are sometimes reluctant to go to the dentist, and rightly so. You may feel anxious about the treatment you need, or you may find it difficult to bring yourself to spend thousands of pounds on fixing your teeth.

While the fact that you need to have treatment may be unavoidable, there is good news. You could look into receiving your dental treatment abroad. At Access Smile, we offer the chance for people to receive quality dental treatment at a fraction of the cost of the UK prices; you can save upwards of 60%.

Dental Treatment AbroadWhat’s the process?

We will advise the best treatment for you, give you a quote, and provide all the information you will need for your journey. The first consultation can be in the UK, Ireland, or at our base here in Budapest.

Once you let us know when you’re flying out, we will organise your hotel and the transport to our practice. You don’t have to worry about finding places to stay near our dentist or wandering the streets of Budapest trying to navigate your way to us.

You will then be all set to receive treatment. We will ensure that you are informed and comfortable at every stage of the process, and will be as flexible and accommodating as possible. We may even make minor changes on the day if our dentists recommend it.

Why go for dental treatment abroad?

While the reduction in cost is usually what sways people to opt for dental treatment abroad, there are other benefits too, such as exploring the beautiful city of Budapest.

Hungary is quick to get to from the UK, and a popular tourist destination. You can take in the historic sites such as the Buda Castle; indulge in authentic Hungarian food; browse fruit and veg at the farmers market; go wine tasting and enjoy the delicious cakes and pastries, while making sure to brush your teeth well after; and have a pint in the famous ruin pubs. You can also relax after your dental treatment in one of Budapest’s thermal baths.

With Access Smile, you can spend that extra money you save on treatment, on something a bit more luxurious.

Visiting the dentist can be smooth sailing

Going to the dentist can be a vulnerable and difficult experience for many people. Around 12% of UK adults experience dental phobia, in extreme cases this can mean that just the thought of sitting in the dentist’s chair can cause them to have a panic attack.

Given the challenging nature of the dental experience, you may wonder why you would want to add extra difficultly by having your dental treatment abroad. Here at Access Smile, we believe that you will find our services for dental treatment abroad so simple and easy, you may even prefer it to popping down to your local surgery.

Dental Treatment AbroadWe have clinics in London and Dublin that can give initial assessments and aftercare for patients travelling to our overseas clinic in Budapest in Hungary.

Smooth journey

We handle all the transfers and hotel accommodation, working with trusted partners we have known for many years. We’ve been in business for 12 years, so we have a proven track record in providing dental treatment abroad.

We’ll pick you up from the airport, take you to the hotel and to the surgery, so you don’t have to worry about language barriers or finding your way in an unfamiliar city.

Excellent care

We wholly own the dental facilities in Budapest and all the staff there speak excellent English. They will fully explain and record each step of your journey, so you will be in no doubt as to what the procedure entails and what you need to do after treatment.

Nervous patients

If you do find going to the dentist a worry, we are experienced in working with anxious patients. Our compassionate and caring staff will always treat you with respect and never judge you if you haven’t been able to face going to the dentist because of fear. We will listen to your worries and concerns and offer reassurance and clarity about your treatment journey. You can stop your treatment at any time, and we can also give you sedation to help soothe your nervous system, creating a feeling of ease and relaxation.

Ongoing support

Our partner clinics in London and Dublin will provide you with any follow-up appointments needed after your dental treatment abroad.

It’s a big step, but it’s worth it

Dental treatment in the UK and Ireland can be so expensive that people can end up feeling pretty despairing about their teeth. When your teeth are stopping you from digesting your food because you can’t chew properly and your dentist tells you it’s going to cost thousands and thousands to put them right, it can feel like being trapped. But there is a way out that won’t put your bank balance so far into the red that you can never come out again, and that’s to get your dental treatment abroad.

Dental Treatment AbroadMore and more people are doing this and many more probably would if some kind person would make the whole process easy and reliable. Well that’s what we do at Access Smile.

When you choose to have dental treatment abroad with us at Access Smile, you will find the same brands of equipment, materials and devices that good dentists in Ireland and the UK use.

Dental implants

These are fast becoming people’s first choice for replacing lost teeth, and first choice for dental treatment abroad too. Dental implants are expensive in the UK and Ireland, and having to replace lots of teeth can lead to dental fees in the many thousands. What people who choose to have this dental treatment abroad want to know is do we use good implants. Yes, we do. We use Straumann and Nobel Biocare, two of the most reliable brands available.

Restorative dentistry

Modern dentistry is about helping you to hang onto your natural teeth for as long as possible, and restoring teeth to extend their life means investing in crowns, fillings, inlays and onlays. All of these are made by our highly skilled technicians in our wholly-owned Budapest clinic.

Cosmetic dentistry

Having a great smile is about so much more than vanity. When people have a smile they are happy with, they use it, and this releases the body’s natural happiness chemicals. The smile is also intrinsically bound up with self-esteem. Cosmetic dental treatment abroad makes veneers much more affordable. Veneers are made by our technicians and fitted over the teeth to cover up damage, staining and mild misalignments.

The new dentistry is overseas

The world is a much smaller place than it used to be, thanks to cheap air travel and, over the past couple of decades, people have noticed that dentistry is often just as good and much cheaper in countries other than Ireland and the UK. Seasoned travellers get their dental treatment abroad and then tell their friends back home how much money they’ve saved.

Dental Treatment AbroadThere is now quite an industry in dental holidays but getting the right package can be a bit of a nightmare. Not with us at Access Smile, however. For the past 12 years, we have been honing our treatment packages so that when you decide to have dental treatment abroad with us, you don’t have to worry whether or not you are getting everything you need included in the price.

Here’s how it works:

The quote

You see your dentist who can tell you what treatment you need and give you a quote for it, along with a panoramic x-ray of your mouth, and then we can give you a quote.

Or, if you prefer, you can come to our clinic in Dublin for a consultation with our dentist Dr Monika Glavanits. Monika can talk through all your questions until you are happy about every aspect of your dental treatment abroad. Once you are happy, we can give you a detailed treatment plan and quote with guaranteed prices on everything you will need. There won’t be any nasty surprises when you get to our wholly-owned clinic in Budapest, Hungary. You may also be able to have some parts of your treatment in Dublin.

Travelling to Budapest

Going to the dentist is scary enough, let alone in a country where you don’t speak the language. That’s why, with Access Smile, you stay in hotels that we have worked with for years and your transfer from the airport and to the dentist are done by us with our own transport.


You come to us during the aftercare guarantee period for check-ups and cleanings, so that we can spot and fix any problems early. We can usually fix problems in Ireland or the UK. Only rarely do patients have to go back to Budapest.