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What are my options for dental treatment in Hungary?

Budapest is a city of culture, history and friendly residents that are always welcoming, but should the nightmare scenario happen where you damage your teeth on your holiday, there are places you can turn to for dental treatment in Hungary. Alternatively you may decide to plan your holiday to include dental treatment in Hungary from the beginning.

dental-treatments-hungaryHere is a short list of solutions that we can provide when you come to see our Budapest dentist.

Dental implants

First up on our list of your options for dental treatment in Hungary we have dental implants. This treatment uses a false ceramic tooth inserted into your jawbone beneath your gum line attached to a titanium screw, to provide a sturdy and natural looking replacement to any troublesome tooth or gaps caused if one is knocked out.

The new teeth are held in place with a sterilised titanium screw and over time the bone in your jaw should heal back over this to create a sturdy base for it to rest on. All our implants are shaded and shaped to match your surrounding teeth so any replacement we insert is going to blend right in.


In the event of a chip or crack occurring whilst you’re out and about seeing the sights of the city, our team can rush to the rescue with our veneers. Using porcelain chips that we place over your teeth we’re able to cover, repair and strengthen these damaged parts.

At Access Smile our team will take you through the fitting process in a professional and timely manner to let you get back to enjoying the rest of your holiday uninterrupted.


In the event that you bite into some hard Kolbas and crack the top of your teeth or too much of the cottage cheese chocolate causes cavities to form, our team can use crowns to sort you out. These are ceramic covers that we place over the top of your teeth, to cover damage with a sturdy seal or protect a tooth from decaying further after we clean out any cavities.

Inlays and overlays

Similar to veneers, these are ceramic chips that are moulded to match specific parts of your teeth that may have cavities forming on them. This treatment actually involves two separate types of insert and typically they are used as a combination to cover an entire tooth.

To elaborate slightly, inlays are smaller and are primarily used in the tighter bite areas of your mouth. Whilst the overlays are used to cover a wider and more general area of the tooth to ensure that a solid seal is formed around your tooth to keep it healthy for the rest of your trip.

But there’s not just Budapest Dental in Budapest to help patients with their dental problems, Ireland is also covered by our team as we have branches that you can easily get in contact with on our website. We provide a Hungarian Dentist Cork branch and a Hungarian Dentist Dublin clinic for our patients. So don’t let your tooth woes spoil your trip, get in touch with our team as soon as you can.

How do you go about getting dental treatment in Hungary?

You may have heard about other people going abroad to receive quality dental care at a fraction of the cost that is required in the UK and Ireland. You might even be a little bit envious of their sightseeing stories that they have returned with, making it seem more like an European holiday than a necessary trip for dental treatment in Hungary.

dental-treatment-hungaryBut how do you take the first step in finding the right dental practice? Who do you go and see, to give you the peace of mind knowing that you will receive quality care and have answered the boundless questions that you may have regarding the logistics of such a treatment plan?

We, at Access Smile, understand that many people across the UK and Ireland are in desperate need of certain dental work, procedures that unfortunately are not covered by insurance or the NHS. These procedures usually come under the umbrella of cosmetic treatments, however they are often for restorative proposes in order to avoid treatment further down the line, or to enable full functionality of the mouth again.

Dental treatment in Hungary does not need to be confusing or intimidating. You can feel guided and supported the entire way by getting in touch with one of our treatment consultants. These superstar supporters are here to answer all of your questions, direct you on your next step and ensure a member of the team will be available to you 24/7.

Whether you have concerns regarding your hotel booking, your dental treatment in Hungary or you are looking to move a scheduled appointment around to fit in with some sightseeing plans, then rest assured that we speak your language, take the time to understand your concerns and ensure that you are confident and comfortable with our solution.

By being able to have that faith in a homegrown, local business who cooperates with Budapest dentists that are unknown to you, you are able to negotiate and understand your situation easily, creating a treatment plan that you are happy with.

There are many flexible options regarding how much of the treatment can be done in Budapest or Dublin, where you can stay and how long you want to be abroad for. You can visit the dental practice in Budapest during the early stages of your treatment to decide whether you want to go ahead with the plan, or you can wait until the last moment, allowing you maximum time at home with your family or at work, reducing any chances of major disruption to your routine.

If you are looking for a lower cost treatment for procedures that are not covered by the NHS or regular dental insurance plans, because you have found that local dental practices are simply too costly, then look no further than the affordable and top quality dental care with one of our friendly, professional and fully trained dentists in Budapest.

You are able to experience a new culture whilst receiving outstanding care and service, knowing that there are no hidden surprises or unexpected extras. We ensure that you are taken care of from the moment you get in touch with us, until long after your dental issue has been resolved.

How you can save on dental treatment in Hungary

Do you want to have restorative treatment done on your teeth, but it is not considered a part of your insurance? The cost can become staggering when you are forced to go private and it can cause many patients to simply put off an important and potentially life-changing treatment.

dental-treatments-hungaryBy talking to us, Access Smile can ensure that you receive the same standard of care, if not better, that you would receive in a private dental practice in the UK, but for only a fraction of the cost. How can we do that? Dental practices that are based abroad are able to offer the exact same dental care service for a greatly reduced cost, simply due to the lower cost of living in that particular area.

Dental treatment in Hungary is fast becoming a popular choice for individuals who are looking for a very high level of care at a very reasonable price. Dentists are trained according to global standards and have access to the latest, refined equipment and technology. We vouch for the high standard of medical care, strict surgical conditions and impressive success rates that these professionals are providing.

The process is straightforward and patients are guided through every step of the way. Even for those people who have not travelled abroad before, dental treatment in Hungary is an exciting, professional and comforting experience. Patients are able to enjoy as much or as little time as they wish to stay away from home and can feel secure knowing they are surrounded by others who are going through similar treatments.

How does it all work?

We understand that convenience is an important factor and one that might have you hesitant about travelling abroad for your dental work. This is why we have joined forces with a dental practice based in Hungary, in order to minimise the time that you need to spend out of your country and away from work.

You are invited to come and visit us in our Dublin or London practices in order to receive your dental treatment in Hungary, so that all of the necessary scans and consultations can take place. If you are based too far away from Dublin or London for this to be convenient, we can guide you through which scans and information you should acquire from one of our many partnered laboratories.

We send this information away to the dental practice in Budapest for the dentists there to gain an understanding of the work that needs to be done. Your point of contact will be with a treatment consultant who will provide you with quotes and help you to arrange the booking of flights and hotels and who can let you keep track of your schedule.

After you have had your treatment in Budapest, long term aftercare can be provided back in your city of choice, allowing you to carry on with your normal working hours or routine, as per normal.

There are many advantages and benefits that we provide along the way, ensuring that you are completely covered and feel entirely at ease throughout the whole procedure. From 24/7 help desks that can answer your queries and ease your fears, to a guarantee of success, with any further work being done at out cost, know that we are a professional and dedicated team who are here to provide you with a healthier smile for less.

Dental treatment in Hungary could save your smile

As your teeth get older they can become damaged, or can require a visit to the dentist to keep them strong and healthy. At Access Smile we provide quality dental treatment in Hungary that could not only save your smile, but give you your confidence back again. We know how important your smile is to you, and we will do whatever we can to help you achieve the smile that you desire.

Dental Treatment in HungaryIt is important to look after your teeth

The majority of people know that it is important to brush your teeth every day, but they are not aware of how important it is to have regular dental visits, to make sure that everything is healthy when it comes to your mouth. When you get dental treatment in Hungary, our practitioners will be able to inform you if your teeth are damaged. This could be due to chips or cracks, but either way we have treatments available at Access Smile that can help you.

Fillings can be used to repair damaged teeth and protect them from further damage. This can help to prevent additional treatments from being required in the future, and they can be tooth coloured too, which keeps them discreet. If you have a chip in one of your teeth then veneers could be used to cover this up. They attach to the surface of the tooth, and our practitioners are able to carefully create a more even smile for you by hiding any chips you have. Veneers can also make your teeth appear longer or wider, closing any small gaps that you have, or just generally changing the shape of the appearance of some of your teeth.

Have you been suffering with gaps in your smile for too long?

It is a common occurrence for people to have their teeth knocked out in an accident, or lose their teeth due to gum disease and decay. This can leave them feeling incredibly insecure about their smile, and sometimes our patients have suffered for years with missing teeth because they were not aware how having dental treatment in Hungary could help them. We have a range of treatments when it comes to replacing teeth and cater for your needs, whether you have one missing tooth or several.

Having dental implant treatment consists of having one, or several, titanium screws placed into your jawbone. They create posts for your artificial teeth to fit on to securely. What appliances you will need fitted to your implants will depend on what problems you are experiencing. If you only need to replace a single tooth then one implant will be required and it is most likely that a crown will be fitted to this to complete the appearance of your smile.

If you are missing several teeth then our practitioners may recommend that you have either a bridge or partial denture fitted. A bridge is capable of restoring teeth and closing gaps when they are on either side of a remaining original tooth. A partial denture replaces your teeth when you have several missing that are all next to each other. Both appliances will give you back the ability to chew confidently, feeling exactly like your original teeth.

When you are missing all of your teeth and need to replace every single one, a full denture will be attached to your implants to give you a completely natural looking and feeling set of teeth once again. Whilst you will not need an implant for every tooth that you are replacing, you could need up to twelve. In some cases you will be able to attach your full denture to as little as four implants.

Have you thought about getting dental treatment in Hungary?

It is always important to know where you can get professional and reliable dental treatments, as you never know when an accident might happen, or when your teeth might need attending to. At Access Smile we make sure that getting dental treatment in Hungary is straightforward and convenient for all of our patients.

Dental Treatment in HungaryWith a vast range of treatments available, we can help you with a multitude of different dental problems, whether it is to fix a damaged tooth or to help you replace your missing ones. If you have an accident on holiday and chip your tooth, we can help you restore your smile, so it does not ruin the rest of your trip.


When you attend an examination at our practice, one of our dental professionals will be able to inform you if you require a filling, or if your existing filling is damaged or needs replacing. A filling repairs and strengthens a damaged tooth, and they can be metallic coloured or tooth coloured if you require a more discreet solution.

If you are on holiday and your filling falls out, we can quickly replace this for you so you can carry on enjoying the rest of your time away without worrying about being in pain when you are eating and drinking.

Are you missing teeth?

Many of our patients come to us with missing teeth and have low self-esteem because of this. Part of the dental treatment in Hungary that we provide is dental implants, which are capable of fully restoring your smile, regardless of how many teeth you are missing. An implant is a small titanium screw which is placed into your jawbone, allowing for false teeth to be easily fixed into your mouth. Implants can last for up to twenty years if they are taken care of properly and can give you back your confidence when it comes to chewing food and smiling in photographs.

Our dental practitioners are easily able to recreate your smile and provide you with a full set of implant-supported dentures if you are missing a whole set of teeth, or we may offer you a partial denture if you need to replace a few teeth that are next to each other. In some cases, a bridge will be recommended if you want to replace teeth either side of an existing tooth, or a crown is likely to be used if it is just the one tooth that needs to be replaced. Your artificial teeth will be completely natural looking so they will be barely noticeable to other people, but they will feel natural for you as well, making you feel like you have your original teeth back.

Veneers can restore your smile

At Access Smile we understand how traumatising it can be when you chip a tooth. Whether you are from the UK but seeking more affordable dental treatment in Hungary, or you are on holiday and have chipped a tooth in an accident, we are here to help. At our practice we can offer veneers which can completely cover any chips you may have, even if it is a front tooth.

Veneers are attached to the surface of your teeth and can make your individual teeth seem longer or wider, depending on what your situation requires. Not only do they completely disguise any chips that you may have, but they can also make your teeth appear several shades whiter, and they offer your teeth a little bit of extra enamel protection too.

Affordable dentistry abroad

Dental treatment in the UK can be expensive, which can avert some people from the dentist entirely. However, it is important to recognise that there are other options available, and methods that can be employed to make your bill less painful! Avoiding the dentist entirely is a bad idea though and it is important to make sure that you see the dentist regularly, as many dental problems can become worse with neglect. A simple cavity can become far more serious if left untreated. Equally, a simple dental problem can be cheap to solve when it is recent, however if it becomes a serious problem then it may become far more expensive, so it is important to tackle the problem as early as possible not just for medical reasons, but economic too.

Dental Treatment in HungaryLook out for dental practices that have NHS services too, which will save you in lots of areas where you might be paying private fees instead. NHS treatment works in bands, so make sure to ask your dentist what band you will be paying in before undergoing any NHS treatment, and ask if your practice offers any treatments under the NHS.

 Getting dental treatment abroad

One option to save money is to get dental treatment abroad in places such as Poland and Hungary, where the treatments are far cheaper. This can be a fantastic option for those undergoing some more expensive treatment such as dental implants and can work out in some cases to be up to 75% cheaper. Dental treatment in Hungary is something that we offer, and have a team dedicated to helping you out at any time of day and guiding you through the entire process.

Access Smile is extremely well acquainted with the practice in Hungary, and many of their patients are from the UK, simply receiving dental treatment in Hungary, exactly the same as you are, so you won’t be alone in the process.

Why is dentistry abroad cheaper?

There are many reasons why dental treatment in Hungary is cheaper than it is in the UK, many of them economic. Dental practices are far cheaper to run abroad that they are here due to living costs, so in turn the treatments can be offered at a much lower price. Equally, many of the practices in foreign countries such as Hungary and Poland are relatively new, so they are looking to separate themselves from the competition by attracting more patients, particularly from abroad. This means that it is in their interest to offer treatment at lower prices and raise awareness of their practice and treatment.

There is a concern that the quality of treatment is somehow lesser, however this is simply not true. Our practice in Hungary will offer the same standard of dentistry that we operate with here and will be as qualified and professional about your treatment. If you have any concerns about receiving dental treatment abroad, then do not hesitate to contact us at any time, and let us know of your concerns.

What should I do if I have missing teeth?

If good oral hygiene is not maintained then you are at greater risk of cavities, and further dental problems. If left fully untreated then you may suffer from tooth decay, infection, and finally tooth loss. Lost teeth can be a common issue, particularly in older people, who not only have been around longer for the teeth to decay, but also may have been around when dentistry was not as good as it is today.

Dental Treatment in HungaryMissing teeth can cause all kinds of problems, including many jaw problems that may result in poorer chewing motion and weak alignment. The main concern with this, is that your teeth will begin to erode in areas where teeth have more contact than they should. Eroded teeth are at greater risk of decay, as the enamel is made weaker and the dentine is closer to the surface. If you are concerned about the condition of your teeth, then do not hesitate to contact us at Access Smile, and we will be able to provide you with the most effective treatment we possibly can.

Restoring teeth

Restoring teeth is therefore extremely important, and it does not matter how long you have been missing teeth for, whether it be the same day, or 10 years. We will be happy to look at and replace any teeth that are necessary, and repair any damage that you may have.

Restorative dentistry can be expensive however; even crowns can cost a lot of money, and if you are replacing multiple teeth, or having complex dental work, then it can be expensive. We don’t want to deter you from receiving dental treatment, however, do want to be transparent about the costs, and to let you know that there are other options for you, such as dental treatment abroad.

Dental treatment abroad

As dental treatment can be expensive in the UK, many countries will offer the same services at a much lower price, sometimes even a third of the price, even on NHS treatments. There are many reasons for this, most of them being economic, and also due to other European countries being new to advanced dental treatment, and keen to offer low prices in order to attract more customers.

Dental treatment in Hungary is a popular option for our patients, as it has many of the same fantastic treatments, such as dental implants, that are available here in the UK. Dental treatment in Hungary is available through our services, and we will be able to guide you every step of the way, and make sure that you feel as reassured and as comfortable as possible.

We have a specific clinic in Budapest, which will help you with everything that you need. In many ways, the clinic is set up to be identical to a UK dental practice, with all of the same protocols and treatment standards, but without the excessive cost. If you are looking for dental treatment in Hungary, but aren’t sure of how to access it, then don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Tooth loss

Tooth loss can occur for many different reasons and can give your face a sunken look if several teeth are missing. This can have negative implications on your face and can make your face appear older and more awkward. If you are concerned about your appearance, then this may be something to address. Missing teeth can also be a problem for your teeth, as a misaligned jaw can cause tooth erosion, which can lead to further tooth loss due to the damage to the enamel.

Dental Treatment in HungaryDentistry is all about patient care and making sure that you receive the most appropriate treatment possible. At Access Smile, we want to make sure that you are always receiving excellent dental care, and that you are paying exactly what you intended to pay. We also offer dental treatment in Hungary, which has many fantastic benefits, the main one being that it can be far cheaper.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an extremely advanced and popular way to replace a tooth, so if you are suffering from tooth loss then this may be an option for you.

Dental implants work by first opening up the gum and drilling a small hole into the jawbone using a series of special drills. Once the hole has been created, then the dental implant is carefully screwed in, so as not to damage the bone, but be secure enough to remain in for the time being. The gum is then sealed over the implant, for a period of time, to allow the bone to grow around the implant. This what makes dental implants so secure, is that they are fused into the bone naturally.

Once the dental implant has been secured into the bone, a crown can be added to the implant, and the treatment is complete. Dental implants are an extremely effective way to replace lost teeth, and with the correct maintenance, can last for a lifetime, so they are also a fantastic investment.

Disadvantages of dental implants

Compared to other treatments such as crowns or bridges, dental implants can take a long time from start to finish. Initial tests are needed to determine whether you are eligible for the treatment, and due to the nature of the treatment with the bone growth, this can put an additional six months on the treatment.

Another deterrent for many people is the cost of dental implants, which can be several thousand pounds, per implant. This means that many people will not go for the treatment at all. However, at Access Smile, there is another method, which involves having your treatment done abroad, where it is cheaper.

Dental treatment in Hungary is available through our services, and will be considerably cheaper than it is here, including flights and accommodation in the bill. We offer a fully guided service in order to receive treatment there and have all the information you might need on our practice in Budapest. If you are interested in dental treatment in Hungary, then do not hesitate to contact us and enquire.

The first steps to getting dental treatment in Hungary

We are dedicated to providing our patients with a quality of care that is comparable with all of the leading dental practices in the UK and Ireland at a fraction of the cost. Many people avoid getting necessary dental work done due to their financial limitations or simply because they find the costs exorbitant.

Dental Treatment in HungaryEvery person is entitled to have healthy teeth and gums and it is our duty to provide as many people as we can with this right. We are with you during every step of the way, from initial consultation, during your dental treatment in Hungary through to the detailed aftercare. By organising your stay in Budapest and providing you with the comforting services that alleviate any fears surrounding your dental treatment in Hungary, we are pleased to be able to provide you with a service that is unlike any other.

If you are interested in finding out what we can do for you and your smile with dental treatment in Hungary, then you can contact us through our website, phone or email and one of our treatment consultants will get back to you to discuss what your needs are so that we can together decide on what the best way forward is likely to be.

Any questions that you have will be openly and honestly answered to the best of our ability during this initial phone call and any information that we can provide to you will be forwarded on. Soon, a quote on the expected cost of your treatment can be established for you to consider and your consultant will remain in contact with you until you have made a decision and are ready to begin treatment.

How can I get a quote?

There are several ways in which our consultants are able to provide you with a detailed description of the price breakdown of what your treatment will cost you. We can help to organise an initial visit to the dental practice in Budapest for you to be able to meet with the staff, see the facilities and even meet patients who are already there.

Should you not wish to travel unless it is absolutely necessary, then we can get a plan through to the Budapest clinic based on an X-ray and other information that you provide us. We can advise you on what information that you need to obtain and can provide you with several locations throughout Ireland and the UK for where you can easily do this.

Finally, you can come to visit us in Dublin to have a personal assessment and consultation here.   This allows us to provide you with a detailed examination and gives you the chance to raise any questions you have about the procedure. We are able to talk you through what your options are and any of the advantages and potential risks that are associated with every option that is available to you.

After receiving your quotes for the entire treatment, ensuring that these quotes are detailed and include any additional recommendations that may be given to you, your treatment consultant can help you decide which option to choose and arrange all necessary booking for your treatment.

Your dental treatment in Hungary

After you have had an initial consultation with one of our staff members in Dublin or Budapest, or you have sent away information and X-rays that you have obtained locally, you will in return, receive a detailed quote for all of your treatment options. With the assistance of your personal treatment consultant, you can make an informed decision about what treatment you believe is best for you.

Dental Treatment in HungaryWe can then begin to book the necessary appointments and dates for your dental treatment in Hungary, by handing you over to one of our experienced and friendly patient coordinators in Budapest. Here we will confirm all of your visits to the dental practice, can assist you with a choice of relevant hotels, arrange transfers for you and answer all of the questions you may have about your trip to Budapest. All of the information that you might need regarding your dental treatment in Hungary, payment terms and guarantees will be provided to you at this time.

Once all of the appointments have been finalised, you simply need to let us know about your flight details and we will book your stay in your hotel and arrange transport for you. Rest assured that you do not need to be a frequent flyer or an experienced traveller to benefit from having the dental treatment that you desire with us. We will ensure your experience is smooth and seamless and even young, single female patients can feel safe travelling to Budapest under our wing for dental treatment in Hungary.

What will my treatment be like?

We aim to ensure that the timing of every one of your appointments is made with your optimal comfort in mind. You can rest assured knowing that all of our highly trained dentists and assistants will keep you informed throughout every step of the way and are there to answer any questions that you might have. We may even be able to accomodate for last minute changes if you contact us to ask.

Between the appointments at the practice, you will be free to make the most of exploring Budapest should you so wish to, we invite you to make the most of your trip. If you are undergoing a multiple stage treatment plan, you may be able to opt to have some of the treatment done in Dublin to minimise the length of time you need to travel for. This allows for even more flexibility.

Aftercare is an important aspect of all dental treatments and therefore during the guarantee period that we offer all of our patients, we ask that you attend 6 monthly check-ups and cleans with one of the clinics scattered throughout Ireland, the UK and in Budapest that are authorised by Access Smile.

This way, in the unlikely event of any issue, we are able to spot it and fix it without delay. We will send you reminders to make it easier to remember, however these appointments are down to you to book at a time that is convenient for you.

We will most likely be able to remedy any issue in the UK or in Ireland, but should you need to go back to Budapest, then we will cover the cost of both the flight and accommodation for you.

After the guarantee period has expired, we still recommend that you maintain these 6 monthly check-ups to ensure the health and well-being of yourself and your new smile.