Dental treatment overseas – are the savings worth the risks?

Dental tourism is a special type of tourism that involves all these patients that fly out of their country to receive dental treatment. The reason behind dental tourism in the UK and Ireland is that dental treatments are usually very expensive, patients cannot have access to public oral care or they simply do not have enough dental coverage.

Contrary to popular belief, lower prices are not synonymous with lower quality. At Access Smile, we meet all the accepted standards of dental care which are set by the European Union and we use high-quality materials at our dental practice in Hungary. Dental treatment overseas is more affordable and patients can save up to 70% on treatments such as dental implants and veneers.

Dental Treatment OverseasIs dental treatment overseas safe?

With technological advances spreading quickly around the world, dental costs are spread evenly and production costs are reduced. For instance, dental materials are cheaper in Hungary compared to the UK and Ireland, because wages are lower and production costs are not that high. Moreover, patients combine treatment with annual vacations.

Overall, lower cost does not mean sacrificing quality. However, patients should do some extensive research before they decide. Often finding a great dentist overseas who can provide high-quality treatment at a competitive rate is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack, yet it is not impossible. Moreover, clear prices are the norm for dental care overseas, therefore patients know how much to budget in advance.

The growing demand for dental tourism overseas has led many dental practices in the UK to operate in Hungary at a lower cost. This way, it is almost guaranteed that the same standard of care is pursued.

Some risks to consider

Although the British Dental Association has no official warnings against dental treatments overseas, patients should be careful to choose dentists that adhere to European standards of dental care. As a patient, you should also keep thorough records of any dental treatments performed abroad in order to help the next dentist provide the best care possible if needed.

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