Dental treatment overseas – pros and cons

Dental tourism is growing by leaps and bounds in the UK and Ireland, with many people finding dental costs here have become prohibitive. Patients can now enjoy affordable, high-quality dental treatment overseas without having to spend a significant amount of money. Hungary is a very popular destination for patients in the UK and Ireland, since costs for extensive treatments such as dental implants are lower.

Dental Treatment OverseasSince many dental treatments are restorative and cosmetic dental treatments are not always covered by insurance policies back home, dental treatment overseas can mean huge savings for patients with significant dental issues. At Access Smile, affordability does not mean low quality dental treatment. Instead, we offer the best materials available, with lower costs due to different production rates and wages. However, it is not only the low cost that lures patients to our dental practice. At Access Smile, care and quality are combined and our aim is to make our patients feel as safe and as comfortable as possible throughout their treatment. We take care of you from the moment you arrive until you leave and also back home.

Advantages of dental treatment overseas

Undoubtedly, the biggest benefits of dental treatment in Hungary is affordability. Patients who wish to replace their missing teeth with dental implants can save up to 70% of the cost, even after factoring in other costs such as air tickets and accommodation. The same applies for most dental treatments performed in Hungary. Production costs are significantly lower, therefore patients can enjoy high-quality restorative or cosmetic dental services without having to break the bank.

Another advantage of dental treatment in Hungary is the high level of expertise of dentists. According to statistics, Hungary has the biggest number of private dentists in Europe and this helps keep dental costs significantly low. Most of these dentists are trained at prestigious universities and are experienced in different types of dental treatments. At Access Smile, our dentists hold the highest qualifications.

Disadvantages of dental treatment overseas

A language barrier can be an obstacle if you consider dental treatment in Hungary. However, our dental staff at Access Smile are fluent in English, therefore this should not be an issue.