How to receive dental implants abroad

This treatment is unfortunately an expensive option that many of our patients feel is a necessary one. We are generally quite lucky here in the UK and Ireland where we have insurance and health care that can assist us in the costs of all necessary dental work for our overall health and well-being.

Dental Implants AbroadHowever, still considered as a mostly cosmetic dental treatment by the NHS, having dental implants abroad is one of the only ways in which you are able to reduce the costs of this highly popular and very successful procedure.

Traditionally, finding dental implants abroad was perhaps once a somewhat risky adventure and one that was best left to those well travelled types who were able to navigate themselves around the different cultures to get the best deal.

It isn’t only about cost in these situations either. People want to ensure that they are getting a quality treatment, that they have some kind of guarantee should something go wrong and that they are receiving care in a sterile, hygienic setting using the best quality technology and equipment.

Doing this alone can be a nightmare and extremely stressful. This is where we at Access Smile are here to help. Having dental implants abroad does not have to be an intimidating experience. Our treatment consultants are here to hold your hand through every step and clearly explain to you what will happen during the entire process.

We have also put a lot of time into our guarantee and what we have come up with goes above and beyond anything you will find in a local dental practice. On the slim chance that anything should go wrong after your treatment has finished, we will take care of it through no expense of your own.

For six weeks after the treatment, if you need a root canal due to trauma caused by the procedure, then you will not have to pay a penny for this to be done. The flights, accommodation and treatment is all on us. Since such trauma is through no fault of the dentist or the patient, it is not standard to offer such a service.

A lifetime guarantee for the quality of your treatment is offered with us on top of this, because we are so confident that our choice of material, equipment used and skill of our dentists is unbeatable.

Why else should you choose us?

Our Budapest dental practice is fully equipped and has a large capacity, meaning that it is unlikely you will have to wait very long to commence your treatment. This treatment is a permanent solution to missing teeth and is also loaded with other advantages that will benefit you as well.

Normal dentures are one of the leading causes of jawbone deterioration as the jaw is not stimulated enough due to the dentures simply sitting on the gums. Implants are osteoconductive, meaning they support bone growth and fuse with the bone to create a strong and permanent anchor for teeth to be attached to.

After receiving dental implants, you can enjoy a life where you do not need to be concerned about your smile or your dentures slipping or falling out. You can have full functionality of your mouth back, as well as your natural smile to boot.