How you can save on dental treatment in Hungary

Do you want to have restorative treatment done on your teeth, but it is not considered a part of your insurance? The cost can become staggering when you are forced to go private and it can cause many patients to simply put off an important and potentially life-changing treatment.

dental-treatments-hungaryBy talking to us, Access Smile can ensure that you receive the same standard of care, if not better, that you would receive in a private dental practice in the UK, but for only a fraction of the cost. How can we do that? Dental practices that are based abroad are able to offer the exact same dental care service for a greatly reduced cost, simply due to the lower cost of living in that particular area.

Dental treatment in Hungary is fast becoming a popular choice for individuals who are looking for a very high level of care at a very reasonable price. Dentists are trained according to global standards and have access to the latest, refined equipment and technology. We vouch for the high standard of medical care, strict surgical conditions and impressive success rates that these professionals are providing.

The process is straightforward and patients are guided through every step of the way. Even for those people who have not travelled abroad before, dental treatment in Hungary is an exciting, professional and comforting experience. Patients are able to enjoy as much or as little time as they wish to stay away from home and can feel secure knowing they are surrounded by others who are going through similar treatments.

How does it all work?

We understand that convenience is an important factor and one that might have you hesitant about travelling abroad for your dental work. This is why we have joined forces with a dental practice based in Hungary, in order to minimise the time that you need to spend out of your country and away from work.

You are invited to come and visit us in our Dublin or London practices in order to receive your dental treatment in Hungary, so that all of the necessary scans and consultations can take place. If you are based too far away from Dublin or London for this to be convenient, we can guide you through which scans and information you should acquire from one of our many partnered laboratories.

We send this information away to the dental practice in Budapest for the dentists there to gain an understanding of the work that needs to be done. Your point of contact will be with a treatment consultant who will provide you with quotes and help you to arrange the booking of flights and hotels and who can let you keep track of your schedule.

After you have had your treatment in Budapest, long term aftercare can be provided back in your city of choice, allowing you to carry on with your normal working hours or routine, as per normal.

There are many advantages and benefits that we provide along the way, ensuring that you are completely covered and feel entirely at ease throughout the whole procedure. From 24/7 help desks that can answer your queries and ease your fears, to a guarantee of success, with any further work being done at out cost, know that we are a professional and dedicated team who are here to provide you with a healthier smile for less.