Is there anything different about Budapest dental care?

You may be wondering why receiving dental care in another country can be a cost effective way to have certain treatments done. Having such procedures performed on your teeth, gums and mouth can dramatically improve your self-confidence and your ability to chew and speak correctly. If you have been wishing that you could afford to regain full functionality of your smile again, then perhaps Budapest dental care is an option for you.

budapest-dental-careBy receiving your dental treatment care from Budapest dental professionals, you will never be compromising on quality or professional care. Access Smile ensure that our entire team have the appropriate training, work in a modern and fully equipped facility and have a professional and warm demeanor that combined, leaves you feeling confident and comfortable.

We understand that any dental treatment can be a very stressful experience and an exploration into the unknown can intensify these feelings. That is why we hold your hand throughout the entire process, keeping you well informed and answering any questions that you may have.

The Budapest dental facilities are right up to date and there is a great attention to detail to ensure that your health and safety is paramount. The equipment and technology used throughout your procedure will be equal to what is found in any private dental practice here in the UK,or Ireland.

The fact of the matter is because the cost of living, real estate, insurance, wages for support staff, tertiary education and training fees are lower in Hungary, we are able to pass on these reductions in costs to you, our patients.

What do we offer?

We are fully transparent regarding our treatments. There are no hidden surprises, additional costs or false promises made in the initial stages that can leave you with needing to pay for necessary additional extras, after a quoted estimate price has been provided for you.

We are detailed and thorough and everything that you need will be included in our final price. This also includes hotels and transfers, meaning that you do not have to factor in these additional extras when looking to visit one of our Hungarian dentists.

Another important aspect of our treatment plan that we take very seriously, is your aftercare. There are both detailed and thorough aftercare procedures available for you, in both Budapest and in your home country. Our long-term partners in Dublin and London can be at your side for many years to come.

In the unlikely event of a complication following your treatment, you can rest assured knowing that you do not have to pay additionally for assistance in these matters. We will pay for the costs of travel should you need to return to your Hungarian dentist in order to rectify an issue that has developed.

This should leave you feeling as confident as we are in our ability to provide you with a service that delivers results. Our transparent and honest nature allows you to simply focus on what you need to, rather than feeling like you need to be aware of clever marketing and false claims.