Visiting Budapest Dental will reduce your stress and save you time

At Budapest Dental in Hungary, we use UK brands and products, and all of our staff are professionally trained, ready to put you and your teeth first, so that you can achieve the smile you have been seeking. You can trust our clinic to give you top quality treatment that you can rely on, with no nasty surprises later on. If you are on holiday, or looking to get dental treatment abroad, you can book an appointment with us without having to spend several hours of your time trying to find reliable dentists. We can save you the stress and improve your smile.

Budapest Dental in HungaryWe have a range of treatments available that can completely restore your teeth or just repair and refresh the ones that you have which are damaged. It is easy to book a dental appointment online or over the phone, and at your consultation appointment you will be able to have a discussion with one of our dental practitioners about what problems you have been experiencing or what areas of your teeth you wish to improve.

Dental implants

If you are missing a tooth, or have a gap in your smile, it can cause you to feel self-conscious and even make you refrain from smiling in public. This can make you feel isolated from others and leave you feeling incredibly downtrodden. Having dental implants at Budapest Dental in Hungary can completely recreate your smile, whether you are missing one tooth or all of them, giving you your confidence back when it comes to smiling, eating and speaking in public.

An implant is a small titanium screw that is inserted into your jawbone. It acts as a post for additional appliances to be fixed onto, such as crowns or bridges. These appliances are what completes the appearance of your new smile and they are designed to look and feel exactly like your original teeth. If you need to replace a single tooth, then it is more than likely that a crown will be used, and it will completely close up your gap and allow you to smile and chew as normal.

When you have multiple teeth missing our practitioners could recommend either a bridge or a partial denture, depending on the position of the teeth that are missing. A bridge is used if there is a healthy original tooth remaining in the middle of the missing teeth, whilst a partial denture is used to replace several teeth that are missing in a row.

To replace a whole set of teeth you will not necessarily require one implant per tooth. Patients who have a full set of dentures fitted will typically require between four and twelve implants to support their appliance, but this is something that will be discussed at your consultation appointment.

Other treatments

Here, at Budapest Dental in Hungary, we offer a variety of treatments. If you have chipped or damaged teeth, or wish to make your smile appear more even, then veneers could be the solution to your problem. They can make your teeth appear longer or wider and can disguise any chips, especially if they are in your front teeth.

Sometimes you may need to have a filling to repair a damaged tooth, as this will protect it from further damage and will reduce your chances of needing more extensive dental care in the future.

Dental treatment in Hungary could save your smile

As your teeth get older they can become damaged, or can require a visit to the dentist to keep them strong and healthy. At Access Smile we provide quality dental treatment in Hungary that could not only save your smile, but give you your confidence back again. We know how important your smile is to you, and we will do whatever we can to help you achieve the smile that you desire.

Dental Treatment in HungaryIt is important to look after your teeth

The majority of people know that it is important to brush your teeth every day, but they are not aware of how important it is to have regular dental visits, to make sure that everything is healthy when it comes to your mouth. When you get dental treatment in Hungary, our practitioners will be able to inform you if your teeth are damaged. This could be due to chips or cracks, but either way we have treatments available at Access Smile that can help you.

Fillings can be used to repair damaged teeth and protect them from further damage. This can help to prevent additional treatments from being required in the future, and they can be tooth coloured too, which keeps them discreet. If you have a chip in one of your teeth then veneers could be used to cover this up. They attach to the surface of the tooth, and our practitioners are able to carefully create a more even smile for you by hiding any chips you have. Veneers can also make your teeth appear longer or wider, closing any small gaps that you have, or just generally changing the shape of the appearance of some of your teeth.

Have you been suffering with gaps in your smile for too long?

It is a common occurrence for people to have their teeth knocked out in an accident, or lose their teeth due to gum disease and decay. This can leave them feeling incredibly insecure about their smile, and sometimes our patients have suffered for years with missing teeth because they were not aware how having dental treatment in Hungary could help them. We have a range of treatments when it comes to replacing teeth and cater for your needs, whether you have one missing tooth or several.

Having dental implant treatment consists of having one, or several, titanium screws placed into your jawbone. They create posts for your artificial teeth to fit on to securely. What appliances you will need fitted to your implants will depend on what problems you are experiencing. If you only need to replace a single tooth then one implant will be required and it is most likely that a crown will be fitted to this to complete the appearance of your smile.

If you are missing several teeth then our practitioners may recommend that you have either a bridge or partial denture fitted. A bridge is capable of restoring teeth and closing gaps when they are on either side of a remaining original tooth. A partial denture replaces your teeth when you have several missing that are all next to each other. Both appliances will give you back the ability to chew confidently, feeling exactly like your original teeth.

When you are missing all of your teeth and need to replace every single one, a full denture will be attached to your implants to give you a completely natural looking and feeling set of teeth once again. Whilst you will not need an implant for every tooth that you are replacing, you could need up to twelve. In some cases you will be able to attach your full denture to as little as four implants.

Getting dental implants abroad could recreate your smile

Some people are not aware that getting dental implants abroad in Hungary is an option for them. Instead, they suffer with gaps in their smiles for years, damaging their self-esteem over time and leaving themselves feeling too insecure to even smile sometimes. If you are missing teeth and feel that it is time to do something about it, then making a consultation appointment with us at Access Smile is easy, either over the phone or online.

Dental Implants AbroadHow does the treatment work?

When you make the decision to get dental implants abroad in Hungary our practitioners will be there for you throughout the entire process to answer any questions that you have and to explain exactly how the treatment works. Depending on how many teeth you are having replaced, you will need a series of titanium screws to be inserted into the bone of your jaw. If you are having one tooth replaced then it is more than likely that only one screw will be required.

Once these screws have been fixed into your mouth then you will be able to have the right appliance fitted to complete your smile and leave it looking completely natural. Generally, a crown will be used to restore your smile when you have a singular tooth missing. In some circumstances multiple crowns can be used, and usually you will need one screw to support each crown.

When you are missing multiple teeth, it depends on their positioning when it comes to finding the appliance that is most suitable for you. A bridge can be used to close more than one gap when you have an original tooth remaining in between your missing teeth. If your missing teeth are all next to each other then a partial denture can completely restore the appearance of your teeth, allowing them to blend in nicely with your original ones. Both types of appliances look and feel completely natural and will restore your ability to chew confidently and easily, reducing discomfort and insecurities that you may have been previously experiencing.

Taking care of your artificial teeth is vital, as it will reduce your chances of experiencing problems such as gum disease in the future. You should brush your teeth twice a day and this is the same for when you have crowns fitted, but regular visits to your dental practice are also important, as your practitioner will be able to help spot any underlying issues.

You can replace all of your teeth too

If you are worried about not being able to replace your teeth because there are too many missing then do not fret. When you have dental implants abroad in Hungary you can completely replace your entire set of teeth with natural looking artificial ones. They behave exactly as your original teeth did and will boost your confidence when it comes to things such as smiling in photographs, as you will have a nice even smile to be proud of. Having a full set of dentures attached to your tooth implants is easy. Depending on your circumstances and what type of treatment you are having, you may only need four screws implanted to be able to support your dentures, but this will vary from patient to patient and sometimes as many as twelve screws will be required.

There are a range of treatments available at Budapest Dental

At Budapest Dental in Hungary we offer a range of treatments that can help you improve the condition of both your teeth and smile. Whether you are on holiday and need to find reliable dental care quickly, or you are making a special trip just to see us, our fully qualified and professional team will be there to support you from the moment you enter our practice. We use the top UK brands at more affordable prices, but the dental care you receive will always be of the highest quality.

Budapest Dental in HungaryWe offer aftercare treatments for our patients and even offer root canal treatment, something that many dental practices do not offer, even if your teeth are damaged and require root canal treatment due to trauma suffered during another treatment. It is easy to make a consultation appointment at our dental practice online and over the phone, and our friendly team will be more than happy to answer any queries that you may have.

Replacing gaps in your teeth

At Budapest Dental in Hungary we know how traumatising it can be to have a missing tooth or several missing teeth. That is why we offer dental implants, which are a completely natural way of replacing your teeth. They act and feel exactly as your original teeth would have done, and, regardless of how many teeth you are missing, you can have your artificial ones implanted so you are always able to achieve that permanent feel.

If you are only missing one tooth then it is likely that a single implant will be used to support your replacement tooth, which is likely to be a crown. If you need to replace a full set of teeth then a full set of dentures can be attached to your implants. In this situation you will not necessarily need one implant per tooth, as a full set of dentures can be supported by as little as four implants in some cases.

When you need to replace a few teeth that are next to each other, our dental practitioners are likely to recommend that you have a partial denture fitted. If you have a gap on either side of a tooth then it may be advised that you have a bridge fitted instead of multiple crowns, as this can offer more support. Your dental practitioner will be able to advise you about which treatments are the most suited to your individual circumstances.

Repairing your damaged teeth

It is common for someone to chip a tooth during their lifetime and many of our patients have suffered with a chip in their smile for years before seeking treatment. Having a chip in your smile can make it appear uneven and leave you feeling insecure about smiling at people. At Budapest Dental in Hungary we can provide you with veneers, and make your smile appear bright and even once again.

Veneers work by attaching to the surface of your teeth. Your teeth will need to be prepared by one of our practitioners before you have your veneers fitted but, once they are on, they are completely comfortable. They change the appearance of each tooth by making it appear longer or wider to give you a more even smile. They can also whiten your teeth by a few shades and provide your teeth with a little bit of additional protection.

Have you thought about getting dental treatment in Hungary?

It is always important to know where you can get professional and reliable dental treatments, as you never know when an accident might happen, or when your teeth might need attending to. At Access Smile we make sure that getting dental treatment in Hungary is straightforward and convenient for all of our patients.

Dental Treatment in HungaryWith a vast range of treatments available, we can help you with a multitude of different dental problems, whether it is to fix a damaged tooth or to help you replace your missing ones. If you have an accident on holiday and chip your tooth, we can help you restore your smile, so it does not ruin the rest of your trip.


When you attend an examination at our practice, one of our dental professionals will be able to inform you if you require a filling, or if your existing filling is damaged or needs replacing. A filling repairs and strengthens a damaged tooth, and they can be metallic coloured or tooth coloured if you require a more discreet solution.

If you are on holiday and your filling falls out, we can quickly replace this for you so you can carry on enjoying the rest of your time away without worrying about being in pain when you are eating and drinking.

Are you missing teeth?

Many of our patients come to us with missing teeth and have low self-esteem because of this. Part of the dental treatment in Hungary that we provide is dental implants, which are capable of fully restoring your smile, regardless of how many teeth you are missing. An implant is a small titanium screw which is placed into your jawbone, allowing for false teeth to be easily fixed into your mouth. Implants can last for up to twenty years if they are taken care of properly and can give you back your confidence when it comes to chewing food and smiling in photographs.

Our dental practitioners are easily able to recreate your smile and provide you with a full set of implant-supported dentures if you are missing a whole set of teeth, or we may offer you a partial denture if you need to replace a few teeth that are next to each other. In some cases, a bridge will be recommended if you want to replace teeth either side of an existing tooth, or a crown is likely to be used if it is just the one tooth that needs to be replaced. Your artificial teeth will be completely natural looking so they will be barely noticeable to other people, but they will feel natural for you as well, making you feel like you have your original teeth back.

Veneers can restore your smile

At Access Smile we understand how traumatising it can be when you chip a tooth. Whether you are from the UK but seeking more affordable dental treatment in Hungary, or you are on holiday and have chipped a tooth in an accident, we are here to help. At our practice we can offer veneers which can completely cover any chips you may have, even if it is a front tooth.

Veneers are attached to the surface of your teeth and can make your individual teeth seem longer or wider, depending on what your situation requires. Not only do they completely disguise any chips that you may have, but they can also make your teeth appear several shades whiter, and they offer your teeth a little bit of extra enamel protection too.

Are you thinking about getting dental implants abroad?

Lots of people panic when they need to replace their teeth, whether it is because they are worried about the cost, or they simply do not know what option to go for. At Access Smile we offer dental implants abroad in Hungary to alleviate your stress and provide you with a reliable, cost-effective solution.

Dental Implants AbroadHaving your dental treatment abroad can reduce the cost for you but still provide you with top-quality dental care that is administered by our fully qualified professionals. Our dental practice is hygienic, and we use the same reliable brands and procedures as you would find in the UK.

What does the treatment consist of?

When you get dental implants abroad in Hungary you will have a series of titanium screws inserted into your jawbone. These screws enable you to have replacement teeth easily fitted onto them, providing you with a long-term solution when it comes to getting rid of the gap in your smile. Depending on your individual circumstances, you will need between four and twelve screws implanted to replace a full set of teeth.

If you are only missing a singular tooth then you are likely to only require one screw to be implanted, and from here one of our dental practitioners will be able to attach a crown to close the gap in your smile. Your dental professional will advise that you have a partial denture or bridge fitted if you need to replace several teeth that are next to each other, or on either side of one of your original teeth. How many screws you will need to have implanted for these treatments will vary, but this is something that you will be able to discuss with one of our dental practitioners at your consultation appointment.

Why you should consider getting treatment

There are several benefits when it comes to getting dental implants abroad in Hungary at our practice. Not only will we completely change the way you feel about your smile and give you your confidence back, but we can prevent additional problems from occurring when it comes to your general health. When you are missing teeth your jawbone is not stimulated and can disintegrate over time, which will cause you to experience more complex problems, but having the screws implanted into your jawbone keeps it stimulated, making it important to seek treatment as soon as possible.

Having artificial teeth will give you back your confidence when it comes to smiling at others, and it will also allow you to bite and chew any type of food that you wish to consume too. You do not need to worry about your false teeth becoming loose or falling out spontaneously either, as they are fixed into your mouth securely.

Tooth implants offer a more permanent feeling solution when it comes to replacing teeth, as they are capable of lasting longer than certain other tooth replacement treatments. If you take proper care of your new teeth, and attend regular check-ups with your dental practitioner, they could last you up to twenty years.

Affordable dentistry abroad

Dental treatment in the UK can be expensive, which can avert some people from the dentist entirely. However, it is important to recognise that there are other options available, and methods that can be employed to make your bill less painful! Avoiding the dentist entirely is a bad idea though and it is important to make sure that you see the dentist regularly, as many dental problems can become worse with neglect. A simple cavity can become far more serious if left untreated. Equally, a simple dental problem can be cheap to solve when it is recent, however if it becomes a serious problem then it may become far more expensive, so it is important to tackle the problem as early as possible not just for medical reasons, but economic too.

Dental Treatment in HungaryLook out for dental practices that have NHS services too, which will save you in lots of areas where you might be paying private fees instead. NHS treatment works in bands, so make sure to ask your dentist what band you will be paying in before undergoing any NHS treatment, and ask if your practice offers any treatments under the NHS.

 Getting dental treatment abroad

One option to save money is to get dental treatment abroad in places such as Poland and Hungary, where the treatments are far cheaper. This can be a fantastic option for those undergoing some more expensive treatment such as dental implants and can work out in some cases to be up to 75% cheaper. Dental treatment in Hungary is something that we offer, and have a team dedicated to helping you out at any time of day and guiding you through the entire process.

Access Smile is extremely well acquainted with the practice in Hungary, and many of their patients are from the UK, simply receiving dental treatment in Hungary, exactly the same as you are, so you won’t be alone in the process.

Why is dentistry abroad cheaper?

There are many reasons why dental treatment in Hungary is cheaper than it is in the UK, many of them economic. Dental practices are far cheaper to run abroad that they are here due to living costs, so in turn the treatments can be offered at a much lower price. Equally, many of the practices in foreign countries such as Hungary and Poland are relatively new, so they are looking to separate themselves from the competition by attracting more patients, particularly from abroad. This means that it is in their interest to offer treatment at lower prices and raise awareness of their practice and treatment.

There is a concern that the quality of treatment is somehow lesser, however this is simply not true. Our practice in Hungary will offer the same standard of dentistry that we operate with here and will be as qualified and professional about your treatment. If you have any concerns about receiving dental treatment abroad, then do not hesitate to contact us at any time, and let us know of your concerns.

What should I do if I have missing teeth?

If good oral hygiene is not maintained then you are at greater risk of cavities, and further dental problems. If left fully untreated then you may suffer from tooth decay, infection, and finally tooth loss. Lost teeth can be a common issue, particularly in older people, who not only have been around longer for the teeth to decay, but also may have been around when dentistry was not as good as it is today.

Dental Treatment in HungaryMissing teeth can cause all kinds of problems, including many jaw problems that may result in poorer chewing motion and weak alignment. The main concern with this, is that your teeth will begin to erode in areas where teeth have more contact than they should. Eroded teeth are at greater risk of decay, as the enamel is made weaker and the dentine is closer to the surface. If you are concerned about the condition of your teeth, then do not hesitate to contact us at Access Smile, and we will be able to provide you with the most effective treatment we possibly can.

Restoring teeth

Restoring teeth is therefore extremely important, and it does not matter how long you have been missing teeth for, whether it be the same day, or 10 years. We will be happy to look at and replace any teeth that are necessary, and repair any damage that you may have.

Restorative dentistry can be expensive however; even crowns can cost a lot of money, and if you are replacing multiple teeth, or having complex dental work, then it can be expensive. We don’t want to deter you from receiving dental treatment, however, do want to be transparent about the costs, and to let you know that there are other options for you, such as dental treatment abroad.

Dental treatment abroad

As dental treatment can be expensive in the UK, many countries will offer the same services at a much lower price, sometimes even a third of the price, even on NHS treatments. There are many reasons for this, most of them being economic, and also due to other European countries being new to advanced dental treatment, and keen to offer low prices in order to attract more customers.

Dental treatment in Hungary is a popular option for our patients, as it has many of the same fantastic treatments, such as dental implants, that are available here in the UK. Dental treatment in Hungary is available through our services, and we will be able to guide you every step of the way, and make sure that you feel as reassured and as comfortable as possible.

We have a specific clinic in Budapest, which will help you with everything that you need. In many ways, the clinic is set up to be identical to a UK dental practice, with all of the same protocols and treatment standards, but without the excessive cost. If you are looking for dental treatment in Hungary, but aren’t sure of how to access it, then don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Dental implants, what do I need to know?

Dental implants are an extremely advanced form of restorative dentistry that works by replacing the entire root of the tooth with a titanium screw. Dental implants can be expensive, sometimes several thousand for just one implant, but due to their durability and longevity, they will most likely last an entire lifetime. It is important to remember that dental implants being so strong, means that they can quite often be the basis for other treatment, such as dentures or bridges.

Dental Implants AbroadIf you are interested in dental implants, or are concerned about receiving the treatment, then do not hesitate to contact us at Access Smile, or to book a consultation, and we will be able to tell you straight away about the intricacies of the treatment.

Can everyone get dental implants?

Not everyone is eligible for dental implants. This is because there needs to be sufficient bone material for the implant to remain secure. If you do not have enough, then the implant will not remain in the jawbone, and the treatment will fail, which can be dangerous as it can cause damage to your jawbone and potentially other teeth. You may also be denied dental implants if your sinuses are too low, as the dental implant will breach the sinus cavity, and therefore no longer be secure in the jawbone.

Is there anything that can be done if I am ineligible?

Luckily, if you are still interested in dental implants, there are several treatments that are available in order to make you eligible for the treatment. In the case of a lack of bone in the haw, then bone grafts are available. This works by taking small pieces of bone from your chin or hip, and placing them into the jawbone, where they can then bond and create a stronger foundation for the implant. In the case of sinuses being too low, a sinus lift can be implemented, which involves the lifting of the sinus cavity and an insertion of a filler material, which will provide a strong basis for the implant, and prevent any unwanted movement.

Disadvantages of dental implants & alternate options

Dental implants can take a long time to be completed, as they need to wait for the bone to grow into the implant. Dental implants, due to their advanced nature, can also be expensive. This is why many people choose to get dental treatment abroad, as it can offer some of the most fantastic treatment, at a lower price, simply due to the area that it is from.

Dental treatment abroad is available through Access Smile and is particularly useful for people who might have a hefty bill come through from their treatment, dental implants being an example. We offer full support for anyone going abroad for dental treatment; we do not expect anyone to do it alone or face any treatment without full guidance. We are available on a hotline 24 hours a day, so if you are receiving dental treatment abroad, and have any immediate concerns, then do not hesitate to contact us.

Dentistry Abroad

For many people, dentistry in the UK can be extremely costly, and this can result in them simply avoiding the dentist. This can be dangerous, as without treating a dental problem, the symptoms and conditions will only get worse, and additional problems may arise. Therefore, many dental practices such as Access Smile have come up with a solution for this, by providing access to treatment in dental practices abroad. Budapest dental services is one example that we use in order to provide excellent services at a lower cost, all supervised by our team. It is our number one priority that you are well cared for and know exactly what the treatments will entail.

Budapest DentalWhat services are available abroad?

Budapest dental services abroad will cover any treatment, however for you to benefit, it will most likely be an expensive and advanced treatment. We will also assist you in the processes to get there, and do not expect you to make your own way there without any support. We also want to be as supportive as we can while you are there and will be available to call on a hotline 24 hours a day, so if you have any major concerns about the trip, then we will be available to calm you down.

Dental implants

Dental implants are an option available as part of our Budapest dental treatments, and are something that you may reconsider abroad. Dental implants are a relatively new treatment, and are extremely advanced, so getting the treatment in the UK can be expensive. Dental practices abroad will offer the treatment for a considerably lower price, and even after return flights can still be half of the cost. A single dental implant can cost several thousands of pounds, so if you are looking to get several done at once, then you can be sure of a large dental bill.

How do dental implants work, why are they so expensive?

Dental implants require a great deal of expertise, and some extremely advanced materials, which makes them costly to administer. The process will also take a long time, sometimes over 6 months, which means that the work put into the implants can increase the cost greatly.

Before any treatment can be considered, the patient must undergo a dental implant consultation, which will be able to determine whether they are eligible or not for dental implants. Therefore, it is important to contact us before making any decisions to go abroad, as you may not be able to receive the treatment. This can be for multiple reasons, such as the sinus cavity being too low, and simply not having enough jawbone for the implant to remain securely in place.

Bone grafts can be implemented in order to make the jawbone more substantial, and therefore be a stronger foundation for the implant. In the case of sinuses being too close to the jawbone, a simple sinus lift will be able to fix this issue. Therefore, if you have any queries about dental implants, then do not hesitate to contact us.