Some reasons to have dental treatment abroad

Dental tourism in Hungary has developed considerably in recent years and there are various reasons behind it. Patients travelling from the UK to have their teeth fixed think that the relationship between the cost and the services provided in Hungary is superior. Plus, air tickets are very inexpensive. Overall, it appears that the reason for seeking dental treatment abroad these days is affordability.

In the UK and Ireland, dental treatment can be really expensive, especially for patients who cannot access the NHS or cannot wait for long waiting lists. Dental treatment abroad in Hungary is significantly lower because the cost of living is less and therefore wages are lower. However, this does not mean that patients cannot have high-quality dental treatment.

Dental Treatment AbroadAt Access Smile, we ensure that our patients receive the same level of care as they would in a private dental practice in the UK or Ireland. Our English speaking dental staff will help you to arrange every aspect of your dental treatment easily and effortlessly.

Why is dental treatment abroad in Hungary so affordable?

Some people may be tempted to think that dental treatment in Hungary is affordable because it is not as high-quality as in the UK. However, this is not true. Hungarian dentists are as qualified as UK dentists, yet the difference in costs is significant. At Access Smile, we will relieve any fears you may have about having your teeth fixed abroad, since we offer high-quality treatments with the same materials you would find in any dental practice in the UK or Ireland.

How safe is treatment in Hungary?

Dental treatment at Access Smile in Budapest is as safe as that offered in the UK and Ireland, since we fulfil the international standards of care. Plus, Hungary is renowned for having the lowest MRSA infection rates in Europe due to strict control.

How long will I need to stay in Hungary?

Depending on the type of dental treatment you are interested to pursue, you will need to stay in Budapest from a few days to a week. If you need treatment in two stages, it is recommended to make two shorter visits.