The same high standards, just lower prices

Let’s face it, dentistry in the UK and Ireland is expensive. So much so that you may have made the decision not to go ahead with certain treatments that you’d dearly love to have because you just can’t afford it. Maybe you need to get lost teeth replaced, but the cost of doing so has left you with unsightly gaps. Maybe your smile is letting you down but you simply cannot justify getting it transformed when you have so many other bills to pay. But what if there was a way of getting dental treatment overseas with none of the risks? Well, there is, with us at Access Dental.

Dental Treatment OverseasYou may have heard of so-called dental holidays, where people leap on a plane and go to a distant city to get dental treatment overseas. You probably know someone who knows someone who has done this. Maybe you’ve even mulled it over for yourself and decided against getting dental treatment overseas because there seem to be too many pitfalls. Not with Access Dental. We offer the same clinical excellence that you would expect to find in a high-class dental practice in the UK or Ireland. We offer the same aftercare in our clinics in London and Dublin, but we can do it all for much lower prices because for the big things, we use our wholly-owned dental practice in Budapest, Hungary.

How it works

You send a panoramic x-ray of your mouth to our dentist in Dublin and if we think we can help, you come in for a consultation, either to our Dublin clinic or our London clinic. For some treatments, we can carry out parts of it here.

Then we book you into our Budapest clinic, meet you at the airport and take you to the hotels we always use because they are lovely, and then on the day of your treatment take you to and from the dentist. Everyone at our Budapest clinic is fluent in English and we have a 24-hour helpline for any concerns. Aftercare is carried at our clinicis out back in the UK and Ireland.