Travelling to treatment

At Access Smile, we provide dental treatment abroad that includes high-quality, end-to-end travel and accommodation. Over a decade of experience in contemporary dental care means that our processes are smooth and effective, while our range of treatments is broad. You might be looking to restore a cracked tooth or have a neat and discreet filling for a cavity. Perhaps you’re after a cosmetic enhancement, or a replacement tooth. Our competitive prices mean you can access your desired dental improvements.

Dental Treatment AbroadCareful plans

We customise our care to make it as effective as possible for each of our patients. The first stage in our dental treatment abroad is a conversation. We’ll find out what you want to do to improve your teeth, and make a professional assessment. Then we’ll give you a meticulous breakdown of the costs involved from start to finish. You’ll always know the precise price of your dental treatment abroad before you give it the go-ahead.

Your dental health improvements will be delivered by friendly English-speaking dental teams. If you have any questions during the process, there’ll always be someone on hand to answer them.

Our travel and accommodation are well-honed and efficient, including transfers between airport and hotel. You won’t have to get to grips with local transport systems during your dental treatment abroad.

Once you’re back at home, we provide in-house aftercare services if you need any adjustments to finish off your treatment. These services will not cost you anything extra.


Our reassuring openness and commitment to reliability have made us a dependable provider of dental treatment abroad. You can rest easy in the knowledge that you’ll avoid some of dental tourism’s common risks, such as:

  • Hidden increases in the cost of the treatment, which you’re only told about when it’s too late to change your mind
  • Poor assessment of your dental health
  • Lack of proper aftercare and further charges after treatment.

With over 12 years in the business of dental treatment abroad, we can give you an affordable, low-hassle experience of contemporary dental solutions. Whether you want to improve your looks, repair dental damage, or restore lost teeth, we can give you access to a better dental future.