Trust is the foundation of our dental treatment overseas

Being able to trust your dental practice and that the treatments they carry out are of the highest quality is very important. Lack of trust is one reason why people don’t go for dental treatment overseas, even though it can save them an awful lot of money.

At Access Smile, we have been building trust in our practice since we started up more than 12 years ago. Going for dental treatment overseas is more complicated than going to your local dentist. Let’s look at how we make sure you can trust us when you come to Budapest for treatment.

Dental Treatment OverseasTrust our dentists

All our dentists have been trained to the highest standards and are registered with the appropriate professional bodies in Hungary and also in the UK or Ireland if they work in our clinics in your countries. This means that you can trust that you have some recourse of action if you are not happy with our treatments. You will also be able to trust our dentists and all our staff because they all speak fluent English and will only speak English when you are with them.

Trust our clinics

Our clinics, in Hungary, Dublin and London are fitted out with all the equipment that you would expect to find in a high-quality private dentist in your own country. We also only use top-quality brands for any prosthetic devices, such as dental implants, that we fit you with.

If you do have any questions about anything in the lead up to your treatment with us, you can speak to someone on our 24-hour helpline.

Trust our prices

We give you a detailed, written treatment plan. There won’t be any hidden extras when you arrive to have treatment with us.

Trust that you will get here

We will pick you up from the airport and take you to your accommodation. We will also drive you to and from the clinic when you have treatment.

Trust your accommodation

We have spent 13 years building great relationships with quality accommodation providers in Budapest.

Trust your aftercare

All your aftercare will take place in our London or Dublin clinics.