Trying out dental treatment abroad

While you may look forward to the benefits of your restored smile, dental treatment is often something that people generally don’t get overly excited about. Going to the dentist can be time consuming, nerve-racking, and extremely expensive.

While dental procedures are generally the same wherever you go, some of these negative experiences can be removed by taking your dental treatment abroad.

Dental Treatment AbroadHere at Access Smile, nerves and money don’t have to get in the way of you achieving a great smile. Maybe you need to fill the gap in your smile with dental implants, crowns and bridges, or maybe you are looking to enhance the look of your teeth with veneers. Whatever your needs, we can provide the best solution for you.

To ensure you are receiving the treatment that best suits you, your initial consultation will most likely be in the UK, where your dentist can thoroughly examine your mouth, and send off an x-ray to us here in Budapest.

Relax, you’re on holiday

If you suffer from dental phobia or are nervous about treatment, receiving dental treatment abroad may be a great opportunity to overcome your fear of the dentist and continue to keep your teeth happy and healthy.

Putting time aside to focus on your treatment and overcome your fear will be beneficial for your long-term oral health. If you do have anxieties about treatment, the first stage is telling us. Our staff are experienced and completely non-judgmental, and we do what we can to help keep these nerves at a minimum at every stage of your journey.

We help your anxiety by telling you all the details of the procedure. You can also speak to patients who have had the same treatment as you when you get here.

Understandably, the main fear people tend to have is about pain. The gums and teeth can be very sensitive. We use modern equipment to provide maximum comfort and efficiency. During treatment, we use anaesthesia, and sedation if it will help.

In between appointments, you can distract your thoughts from teeth by taking in the sights of Budapest and relaxing in the thermal spas.