We will take care of you

It might seem very daunting to go for dental treatment abroad if you have never done it before, and even more so if you are a bit scared of going to the dentist anyway. Even though more and more people are finding the cost of dentistry in the UK to be untenable, some are choosing to not have it done at all rather than go through the hassle of choosing a country, a dentist, a hotel, booking flights and then navigating their way round an unfamiliar city whilst potentially bit vulnerable after having an anaesthetic.

Dental Treatment AbroadThat’s why, at Access Smile, we take care of everything you need when you come to us for dental treatment abroad.

Before and after care at home

You need access to a dentist both before and after you go for dental treatment abroad. This is why we have clinics in Dublin and London. Our dentists there will assess what treatment you need and carry out any preparatory work before you go to our clinic in Budapest, Hungary. You also come back to our clinics in the UK and Ireland for aftercare and check-ups until we are satisfied that your treatment is complete and successful.

Treatment at our Budapest clinic

Treatment here is of the highest standard, such as you would find in the best of the private dental clinics at home. And you won’t be in the dark as all our staff are fluent in English. You can also rest easy in the knowledge that all our dental work comes with a full guarantee so that, if something does go wrong, we will put it right for you at no extra cost. All our work is carried out using the same high-quality equipment and modern techniques that you find at a good UK dentist.

Taking care of you

We will help you book your trip. We have a range of hotels, B&Bs and apartments that we have forged strong links with since we started organising trips to Hungary for dental treatment abroad. We pick you up from the airport and wherever you are staying so you do not have to worry about navigating the city.