What are my options for dental treatment in Hungary?

Budapest is a city of culture, history and friendly residents that are always welcoming, but should the nightmare scenario happen where you damage your teeth on your holiday, there are places you can turn to for dental treatment in Hungary. Alternatively you may decide to plan your holiday to include dental treatment in Hungary from the beginning.

dental-treatments-hungaryHere is a short list of solutions that we can provide when you come to see our Budapest dentist.

Dental implants

First up on our list of your options for dental treatment in Hungary we have dental implants. This treatment uses a false ceramic tooth inserted into your jawbone beneath your gum line attached to a titanium screw, to provide a sturdy and natural looking replacement to any troublesome tooth or gaps caused if one is knocked out.

The new teeth are held in place with a sterilised titanium screw and over time the bone in your jaw should heal back over this to create a sturdy base for it to rest on. All our implants are shaded and shaped to match your surrounding teeth so any replacement we insert is going to blend right in.


In the event of a chip or crack occurring whilst you’re out and about seeing the sights of the city, our team can rush to the rescue with our veneers. Using porcelain chips that we place over your teeth we’re able to cover, repair and strengthen these damaged parts.

At Access Smile our team will take you through the fitting process in a professional and timely manner to let you get back to enjoying the rest of your holiday uninterrupted.


In the event that you bite into some hard Kolbas and crack the top of your teeth or too much of the cottage cheese chocolate causes cavities to form, our team can use crowns to sort you out. These are ceramic covers that we place over the top of your teeth, to cover damage with a sturdy seal or protect a tooth from decaying further after we clean out any cavities.

Inlays and overlays

Similar to veneers, these are ceramic chips that are moulded to match specific parts of your teeth that may have cavities forming on them. This treatment actually involves two separate types of insert and typically they are used as a combination to cover an entire tooth.

To elaborate slightly, inlays are smaller and are primarily used in the tighter bite areas of your mouth. Whilst the overlays are used to cover a wider and more general area of the tooth to ensure that a solid seal is formed around your tooth to keep it healthy for the rest of your trip.

But there’s not just Budapest Dental in Budapest to help patients with their dental problems, Ireland is also covered by our team as we have branches that you can easily get in contact with on our website. We provide a Hungarian Dentist Cork branch and a Hungarian Dentist Dublin clinic for our patients. So don’t let your tooth woes spoil your trip, get in touch with our team as soon as you can.