Why you’re in safe hands at our Budapest dental practice

Damaging your teeth may seem like a nightmare scenario, but all is not lost, help is at hand as our talented team can help solve your dental troubles. Unfortunately some people can still be a little hesitant to undergo dental treatments abroad and it’s understandable, with new places, new sights and cultures, it can be a little daunting.


So with that in mind, here is why you’re in safe hands at our Budapest dental practice.

Cutting edge technology

Our clinic uses state-of-the-art technology to perform a wide range of treatments to suit a variety of needs. Whether that’s an X-ray to assess any damage from an accident such as a trip or fall, an emergency filling or a complete redesign of your smile, our dental technology is up to scratch in our Budapest dental practice.

Experienced with tourists

We have over 12 years of experience with tourists and those coming abroad for specific treatments. Through this we have been able to gather insight into what our patients tend to expect from their visit and how we can meet or even exceed those expectations when they engage us for their procedures.

At Access Smile our team are all fluent in English and we ensure that they are all trained to the highest industry standards to provide you with a professional dental experience. So don’t worry if your Hungarian is a little rusty or you’re unsure which dialect to use, as our team will still be able to communicate with you easily.

 Wide array of treatments

We offer a wide range of treatments to suit a lot of different needs. Whether that’s an emergency repair with implants, veneers or crowns, a replacement filling or an overlay to improve any decayed teeth, there are plenty of procedures for our patients to request.

Our aftercare guarantee

In the unlikely event that something happens, our team will provide you with the highest quality of aftercare at no extra cost, to remedy any unexpected issues that may crop up. In more serious cases, we can also help you to arrange a return trip to our clinics abroad for further treatment and help.

Written testimonials from patients

Nothing speaks more about reputation than recommendation by word of mouth, that’s why we have provided a list of written testimonials from patients after their treatments, as well as short video reviews for anyone considering booking an appointment. There are also case studies with photographic examples to show how we can fix your various dental woes.

Practices located in Hungary and Ireland

Whether you are opting to explore Eastern Europe or investigating the sights of the ‘Emerald Isle’, you can relax knowing that our practices in Budapest and Dublin are there to help should you have any dental issues to sort out at the same time.

So as you can see, whether you are having a treatment at our Dublin practice or at our Budapest branch, you are always in safe hands with our team at Access Smile.