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This is why so many people choose Access Smile, including, Ireland’s favourite country singer Kathy Durkin


Why did Kathy Durkin choose Access Smile for her dental treatment in Hungary?

Many of us love and listen to Kathy Durkin’s unmistakably Irish voice as one of Ireland’s favourite entertainers. She is well travelled, often tours the US, UK and Ireland to perform but Hungary as a choice for dental treatment sounds unusual. We asked her why she chose Access Smile, one of the best-known clinics in Budapest.

KD: As a stage artist, I think it is vital that my teeth are in good condition and my smile is one of my signatures – apart from my voice, of course. But treatment in Ireland is often expensive and I heard from a friend that many Irish people go abroad for treatment – and Access Smile in Hungary is a good choice.

Metro: Did you not have concerns?

KD: It is a big step to have major work done abroad but Hungary is famous for dental tourism, Access Smile had very good references – even Patsy McGerry praised them in the Irish Times – and the great back-up surgery in Rathgar, Dublin convinced me that I would be in safe hands and any problems would be attended to.

Metro: What was the procedure?

KD: I contacted them though their website – and they rang me back very quickly. I decided to go for a pre-assessment in Dublin first. The Rathgar surgery was very modern and their dentist is lovely. She made a very thorough assessment and gave me a couple of treatment options. I picked one and made the booking for treatment in Budapest.

Metro: And what was your impression in Budapest?

KD: Access Smile was very professional, it all went like clockwork. They contacted me with Hotel options and made the booking for me. Martin, their driver picked me up at the airport – what a lovely young fellow – and very knowledgeable, too! He gave me a guided tour of the main sights and I have to say that Budapest is a remarkably beautiful city.

Metro: And what about the clinic?

KD: Wow, nothing like I had seen before! Very modern, screens everywhere and the staff are absolutely adorable! Everybody is smiling, they all speak English and the place looks squeaky clean, I forgot I was at a dental surgery! Their clients are a good mix of local and foreign and I was not the only “famous” person there – there was somebody else from the UK , too! And Gabriella, my dentist was amazing. She explained everything very clearly and the treatment itself felt like nothing. But everything worked perfectly. And because the Clinic is in a shopping centre, I even popped in for a coffee when I did not have any appointments!

Metro: So how would you rate your experience overall?

KD: Five star! Fantastic dental work, good savings, great organisation and service. I can only recommend Access Smile from the bottom of my heart!"

Journalist Patsy McGarry had his dental work done with Access Smile (in disguise) and wrote about it in Irish Times. To read his genuine editorial please click here.


View a glimpse of beautiful Budapest in the short video below....


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